Calendly: The appointment booking application that will save you time

Calendly: The appointment booking application that will save you time

It eliminates the back and forth of emails or calls to schedule an appointment.

Send the link to your calendar and let your customers do the rest.

Calendly: What does it do?

Calendly Bee Hexa Appointments

Calendly has many features:

1. Calendar Integrations: Work well with Outlook, Google, Office 365, or iCloud.

2. Helps you take control: Set buffer of times between meetings, be smart about scheduling, and never double book.

3. Works with your apps: Automate by connecting your favorite apps for meetings, sales, and automations.

4. Individuals or Teams: Helps you schedule your individual schedule as well as others on your team.

5. Embed: embed it on your website

6. Collect Payment: Accepts payments from your invitees or customers using PayPal or credit cards by using Stripe.

Get notifications, send confirmations, and reminder emails and texts to prevent no shows. Also, limit the number of meetings you want to have per day.


Calendly Appointment System

This integration eliminates a whole boring and tedious step of having to call or email your customers to go into a back and forth with which date and time you can meet.

Calendly completely eliminates this hassle.

It becomes a smooth and automated process for your customers.

Convert more and have more time in your hands!


The prices vary from $10-$15 per user on the monthly premium plans.

See chart here

How to set up

It can be installed in just 3 steps:

  1. 1. Create an account
  2. Customize by filling out
  3. Share your link or embed on your website
  4. Schedule appointments!

Check out Calendly here

We offer Calendly as one of our website integrations. See our plans here

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