Brand Strategy: Defining your brand

A brand is a specific name, mark or symbol that distinguishes your products and/or services from that of your rivals.

More so, your brand in your customers eyes are multiple experiences or connections that they have gone through that bring up different feelings or emotions.

For a first time client that hasn’t had experiences with the brand yet, it’s very important that the visual attributes of the brand correctly represent the message or intent of the brand.

Before moving to brand strategy, we must first define or discover your brand.

Discover your brand

A brand is created by all the emotions, visuals and content that is distributed and has contact with your prospective client's mind. More so, your brand is an essence, a life form that has its own personality.

To discover your brand's essence, you must first think of your brand's purpose in this world. Will it help people with your knowledge? Will it inspire with your talent? Will it motivate? Will it be part of everyone's life?  Will it create an experience? Let your mind wander without barriers.

Your brand can be anything you want it to be! Ask yourself, how your brand will impact people's life, their routine, their desires?

Then, imagine your brand represented by words, what will these words be? Defiant? Established? Fresh? Satisfying?

Imagine your brand is represented by colors. Colors represent emotions on viewers' mind. For an established brand, you would represent it with common colors like blue or dark green. Colors that come to mind when you say "seriousness".

You can do it! You don't notice it but our brains are constantly observing and collecting information to use later. You've probably remember what a serious color is from perhaps an accountant's brand or a experienced doctor's.

Target Audience

While you define your brand always think of your target audience.

Your target audience is the client that you want to notice your brand. This person has specific attributes, language, desires, passions, problems and you must describe this person in order to understand them and captivate their attention.

Remember you don't create this brand for you, you create your brand for others to experience it and to submerge into the world you have created. This person will enjoy your products' benefits or will use your services.

The message to your target audience

After you describe your target audience and you have completely defined this person who you want to interact with your product or service. Now, you can craft your message.

Think of your end objective. Perhaps you want your client to purchase your product? Or acquire your services?

This person will not just buy your product on the spot out of nowhere. He or she doesn't know your brand so you must explain the benefits of acquiring what your putting out while creating emotions.

Why create emotions?

You must create a certain emotion for your client to connect with your product and have that bond that will have him or her buy.

There is so much more that is involved in crafting a message to win hearts. This is just a summary but to move on, you must create your brand's world.

Your brand's world

Create a world in which your brand could live in! For example, we can think of the women's  razor brand "Venus". Doesn't this brand make you think of a planet where everything is perfectly pink, feminine and full of flowers? A planet where feminine energy is given the power of beauty.

That is Venus- The feminine razor. Embrace the power of your skin.

Create your brand's world thinking that your target audience will visit this world.

Why you need to define your brand?

If you don't take this time to define your brand and your target audience, what will happen is that you will start to notice that while you get a few buyers, really nobody is paying attention to your brand.


Because while your product or service may be brilliant and useful, your client doesn't understand the benefits of these and doesn't connect with your brand so you just look like any other seller of your category and the client will determine who to buy from solely on price.

You don't want to compete in this tough world where you would have to lower your price.

So discover your brand, plan your brand strategy and succeed. We can guide you!

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