Brand Study: Discover the Benefits

Brand Study: Discover the Benefits & see Real Results in your Buiness

A Brand study is an in-depth look at your Brand.

Build a Brand Bee Hexa El Paso, Texas

Everything that you share with the world from physical, website design, graphic design, printed media, etc. It discovers all about your brand from its essential purpose to its target audience and its lookalikes.

What is a brand? A brand is how the audience perceives your business.

Brand Study Bee Hexa El Paso, Texas
In Marty Neumeier’s words, a brand is a “gut-feeling” about you or your business.

A brand is affected by all the interactions your audience has with you, your business, and your team.

Your physical business whether a small or big shop affects how you are perceived. From the decoration to the colors all affect how clients feel when they visit you.

In the same way, your digital presence also influences how you are perceived. From your social media to your website to your reviews.

That’s why discovering all that influences your company is essential. That’s what a brand study is for.

What does it do?

A brand study gives you a clear perspective of all the aspects of your business.

A brand study is divided into three phases:

  1. Research
  2. Audit
  3. Strategy

Research- is when we research everything that has to do with your specific industry. Your Competitors, your industry, your specific service, and keywords you should be targeting.

Audit - in the audit phase we check all your insights from social media to visuals, messaging, and all about you.

Strategy - In the strategy phase of the brand study, we already know what you are doing, what you should aim to go, and now, we determine your goals. We sit down with you to present everything we have found so from that point on you can digest the information and determine your goals. Then, based on all of this, we create a plan to get where you want to go. We recommend solutions to get you there.

Brand Study: Research

During the research, we search your competitors for:

Just to give you a hint, this is what we’ll be researching. We’ll research a sufficient amount depending on your industry.

We’ll provide a presentation that has all this information in a visual way so you can clearly see this.

Brand Study: Limiting Factors

As part of our Brand Research, we search for your limiting factors.

Here we’ll present the limiting factors that we see of the industry itself.

Anything from competitive service, similar products, high amount of competitors, etc.

We’ll take ourself as an example, when we did our own Brand Study for Bee Hexa Branding, we considered all the alternative for clients to get a cheap website.

We clearly saw that competitors in our space such as Squarespace, Wix, WooCommerce offered cheap solutions so the limiting factors for web agencies that create a custom website would be the price.

When clients have the opportunity to buy for cheap, they might not realize the major difference between both - Who makes the website.

With a website builder, you are the maker, you gotta put in the work, know about design, about responsiveness, color, layout, and spend hours trying to figure it out on your own. Yes, it was cheap but it comes with a price.

The alternative is handing it off to an expert and you just relaxing and focusing on your business.

Brand Study: Keyword Research

Google Keyword Search SEO Bee Hexa El Paso, Texas

This might seem minimal, but knowing which keywords you should rank for is critical. This is because you want anyone going on Google and searching for your service to find you.

Wouldn’t that be great to just get qualified leads already from Google?

We search for keywords in your area, your industry, and your service.

Brand Study: Audit

In the audit phase, we’ll go learn all about you, even facts you didn’t know about your business. Perhaps, somethings you didn’t even think were important. But we’ll find them.

We’ll look for your:

These are just a few things we’ll be looking for.

Most importantly, we’ll measure your productivity, effectiveness, and customer experience in order to determine if there are areas to improve.

For this phase, we’ll need your cooperation as we will sit down and do a few exercises with you to collect data from you.

An exercise our clients love is the “Describe your Business in only 3 words”

This has made some of our clients just completely figure out that they are far from what they want to be.

Also, another one that really hits them is the “Give me 3 goals you want to accomplish in your business”

These are questions that not everyone actually sits down and just think. We’ve had massive success with this.

Brand Study: Strategy

After all this, we finally gather all the information we’ve found on a visual presentation and sit down with you to discuss this.

This phase really opens up our clients’ eyes because think about it, they are seeing everything about their business in a single presentation.

And you’ve separated the time to just focus on seeing the bigger picture before making any decisions about where you should go.

There are many solutions and choosing the right one for your problem is vital.

After the presentation, we’ll highlight the limiting factors, the areas of improvement, and the solutions we can do to help you with this.

The solutions can vary from a whole rebrand, a new website design, a more modern aesthetic, a different messaging, etc.

Or, it can be an operational solution like if your problem is wasting too much time back and forth trying to get a monthly payment from your client, then, we can build solutions for you where you can have an online dashboard for your clients to pay you every month.

Or, your operation is too slow and it takes too much time to book you. Then, we can create a whole online workflow where everything is automated and works completely for you.

This last one saves you a ton on employees. Because there are a lot of tasks that we as humans do that can be quickly resolved by automation.

So this saves you money.


Sometimes you feel like you don’t know what the next step for your business is and you start seeing others create stuff such as rebranding or creating flyers. And you know what, you’re like “oh, that’s what I want.”

And you basically, self diagnose and self medicate. It might work for you but are you sure it will?

If you had more information and detailed statistics of your business, you wouldn’t have to guess what will move the needle towards your success, you would know!

How to get a Brand Study?

To get a brand study, reach out to a brand agency that specializes in brands. Our agency, Bee Hexa Branding specializes in creating brand studies and suggesting solutions only after the study. This solution is the brand strategy.

Here are some examples of brand studies we’ve done in the past:

Viva La Bitch - an online boutique form El Paso, Texas had amazing clothing but were stuck.

Brand Study

After doing a Brand Study with us, we were able to determine that they needed a new website design that represented their brand in a better way and helped promote their store.

We search local competitors as well as global, defined the brand, created a brand style guide, user persona, and a plan of action for their marketing.

Viva La Bitch Boutique eCommerce Launch Webflow

Check their website here.

Here are some of the marketing solutions we provided:



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Promotion Campaign for Online Boutique Viva La Bitch from El Paso, Texas

Bazaar Enterprises - a local El Paso, Texas car dealership who wanted to build their brand from the ground up.

We started their brand from scratch. Since this was a new brand, we did the brand study but skipped the part of the audit where it evaluates the existing brand but focused more on where we wanted the brand to be and how it was defined.

We defined the brand, defined their user persona, keyword research, and determined the locations where their customers would be searching from.

We ended up with a solution to create an engaging website that showed vehicle inventory available, all vehicles’ details, and would allow customers to inquire about them through an embedded chat on the website.

Bazaar Enterprises Website Design El Paso

Don’t guess your next step, have an accurate response!

Thanks for reading, see you next time


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