CMS Webflow: Modify your Website

CMS Webflow: Modify your Website

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Webflow is a Website Platform for the next generation of businesses. It creates powerful websites with incredible animations, interactions, and integrations.

What is a CMS?

One of Webflow's best features is its Content Management System (CMS). Using the CMS, you can build amazing websites for businesses and place all the content so that anyone can alter it. Obviously, they have to get access to it.

CMS Webflow
Blog CMS for Bee Hexa Branding

This means that any business owner without web experience can go into their website and change the content without altering the structure of the website. This eliminates the stress of "What if I mess it up?" You can't.

The CMS can be configured in a way that allows changes in the text, images, and links. Thus, making it easy and simple for you to keep all your content up to date.

And the best part, you don't have to hire your website designer/builder every time you need a small change to a page. Changing a misspelled word or adding more content has never been easier.

How to get CMS for your website?

As part of our website design packages, we include the CMS  and we do CMS Training where we train you and your team in person or we can send you the videos so that you can always refer back to them and share them with everyone on your team.

A lot of agencies, charge you for designing and building the website and additionally, every time you need a small change, they will charge you again and again. The average we've seen for this is $200/hr for changes on your website.

So imagine the money you can save! By having your team trained on making website updates. It would be cheaper and faster to do some of these tasks on your own.

What can a CMS be used for?

CMS has a lot of uses for simple structures like Blogs, Menus, Schedules, Products and more. You can even set up complex structures such as profiles 100% controlled by the CMS. This means that you can create new profile pages, alter the information and have it all done in minutes.

Here are examples of the CMS being used to alter products:

Sira's Closet Website | Changing Product
Product pieces that are altered by Weblow's CMS | See live site
Website CMS | Changing Products
Product pieces that are altered by Weblow's CMS | See live site

Here is an example of Blogs being edited and created using Webflow's CMS:

Website Webflow CMS | Changing Blog Articles
Blog articles being edited and created using Webflow's CMS | See live site

Here is an example of Schedules using Webflow's CMS:

Webflow CMS | Changing a Gym Training Schedule
You can change all the information here without knowing code!

This specific example we built for the #1 Talent Agency in El Paso, Bazaar Models can show you just how powerful the CMS can be. Click to see the live site

We created profiles for each talent, divided them by categories, filtered and 100% controlled by their team's input on Webflow's CMS.

Similarly, this feature's power was showcased in the famous show "Building a Brand" from The Futur

Where a beer company from California got a Webflow CMS for their entire beer serving and were given the power to alter all the products in their menu daily.

This way, they can change their daily selection all by themselves and without having to call a website designer every day. Amazing, right?

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