What is CozyCal: Appointment Integration for your website

What is CozyCal: Appointment Integration for your website

Hello dear reader! In this blog article, we are going to be talking about CozyCal. This is one of the best options when it comes to simply manage and getting appointments through your own website. We use it for multiple businesses to make an event booking, consultation, and more easier.

We are going to be discussing about:

What is CozyCal?

CozyCal is an online scheduling and appointment booking software that makes conversions easier.

This scheduling app lets your clients see your availability straight on your website, book, and pay you in minutes.

You control your schedule.

What is CozyCal : Appointment Scheduling App

What is an appointment integration?

An integration is a third party software or service that you can add to your own website. In the case of Cozycal, this would be mainly for scheduling appointments. This type of apps is usually referred to as an appointment scheduler, online scheduling software, or booking system.

Stop taking appointments by phone or in person, with this you can start enjoying automation on your own website, make it easy for your customers or client to book you.

As business owners, we have a ton of tasks to accomplish that take up our time. With appointment schedulers, we can automate the whole process to free up our time.

Having the best appointment scheduler for you can help you book more.

What can CozyCal do?

What can CozyCal do Scheduling appointments

It simplifies client booking!

It prompts your website visitors to quickly book an appointment with you and shows your available times. You set up your available times.

Before booking you, a client can fill an intake form that tells you all about them. You can set up specific questions you need to make the meeting go smoothly.

If it’s a paid meeting, you can seamlessly charge clients right before they schedule with you.

Best of all, you can manually accept or decline event requests so that you can have full control of your schedule.

Afterward, it sends you and your customers email confirmations and reminders so that you can lower no shows. It can also send SMS messages as reminders.

If that’s not enough, it integrates with other apps like Google Calendar, Stripe, Zoom, WordPress, Google Hangouts, and more...

It’s an app that focuses on providing the best user-friendly scheduling.

Some of the best features:

See other features here.

Is CozyCal easy to use? How to use it

As their slogan says, CozyCal was made to make scheduling a delight!

It’s easy to set up, easy for your clients to book, and easy to understand.

Setting up CozyCal requires no skills just a few minutes. The app is really easy to explore and learn. See their onboarding tutorials.

Setting up CozyCal Bee Hexa Branding

Who can or should use CozyCal?

CozyCal is perfect for any business, freelancer, or solopreneur that needs clients to book their time.

This is great for:

These are only some examples of the businesses that would increase their conversion and productivity by using CozyCal.

Additionally, anyone who wants to manage a whole a team can use Cozycal since it offers team scheduling.

A little about CozyCal

CozyCal was launched in 2015 by a couple Chris and Kat from Vancouver, Canada. They wanted to create the most simple, easy to use scheduling app that would help business owners grow.

CozyCal pricing

You can get this appointment scheduling app for only $20 a month or $180 yearly.

CozyCal Pricing Scheduling App

This app is very affordable since it’s targeted to help small business owners and online businesses.

This is very inexpensive when you compare it to other tools and if you think of all the appointments you can now easily book through your website.

Benefits of CozyCal

Using a scheduling app has many benefits. Some of these are:

Extra details!

Conclusion: CozyCal Review

We’ve used CozyCal to book appointments straight on our websites and loved the easy experience. That’s why we offer it and recommend to our clients as a website integration.

The app makes you look very professional, helps you streamline clients to convert, and is super easy to use and integrate. For us is a win-win.

Let us know what you think about the app.

If you have any questions, don’t hestitate tocontact us. You can do it through our social media or in the comments of our youtube channel.

If you need a professional web designer with experience in setting up CozyCal, then click here.

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