Do you need a logo?

It's like a first glance of your business. Your presentation card.

We've all been there, first impressions are everything.

Why you need a logo

You need a good representation of your business and by using certain colors, graphics and fonts we can capture exactly how you want to be seen.

Using design, we can attract the right client.

By right client I mean, those that are actually invested in your product or service and are excited about what you do for them.

Additionally, a logo is your basic visual component that will be used in all your marketing, printed media, digital media and communications with client. See how ours looks below.

bee hexa branding logo
Bee Hexa Branding use of logo

Is there such a thing as good logo or bad logo?

Many think that a logo is just putting colors and shapes together and that's it. That's why they just get their cousin to draw whatever and use it as a logo.

And yeah, that was cheap or free.

But you want to sell? Then, you need to be a real business.

A real business looks legit. A real business cares about their appearance because as I've mentioned before--it will be your first card of presentation.

Think about your favorite brands. They invest in their logo and their marketing so that you can have a great experience and gut feeling when you buy from them.

Bad logos will create a negative gut feeling. Why? Because people are afraid of being scammed or acquiring a cheap product that won't last.

And that's what a bad logo will create in your prospects mind.

Characteristics of a bad logo

Bad logo can be identified by:

  1. Illegible fonts
  2. Outrageous colors that don't match
  3. Too many graphic components
  4. No message
  5. Doesn't represent product or service

Examples of bad

  1. Illegible fonts
illegible font
illegible on street

2. Outrageous colors that don't match

colors don't match

3. Too many graphic components

too many components all in one

Logos should be simple. In the example on the rights, we have all our graphic components united and fighting against each other. There's no clear perspective.

4. No message

no message or confused messaging

5. Doesn't represent product or service

mismatch in brand representation

Repercussions of selecting an incorrect logo

As you've seen from the examples above, you can really impact a brand by using the wrong colors, graphics, messaging and end products.

So now you can out to the world and notice these kinds of logos like we do.

You can notice that business owners that have these kinds of logos didn't invest time or  efforts into crafting their appearance.

How to select the best option

We recommend contacting an expert and sitting down with them to create your identity that will compel your audience.

You can identify experts by seeing the portfolio of work that they put out, their own branding.

And also by the questions they ask when tasked to create an identity.

The process when creating a logo should start by identifying the brand, it's target audience and goals.

Don't settle for just graphics put together randomly.

Get a logo that will attract your future clients!


Thank you for reading!

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