ECommerce: The solutions We Use

ECommerce: The solutions We Use

Starting your eCommerce is sometimes scary because you are looking at millions of options and you aren’t an expert on this.

Don’t worry, we are here for you!

Here are the eCommerce platforms we use and recommend to you:

  1. Webflow eCommerce
  2. Foxycart

Webflow eCommerce

Webflow is the Platform that gives you the power to create impressive animations, integrations, and experiences. Check our blog on Webflow here

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The eCommerce allows you to sell physical products, digital products and it integrates with systems such as Shippo to enable you to track, manage, and send messages about your packages.

The #1 reason for using it is the ability to fully customized the design of the cart, automated transnational emails, shop pages, and more.

You can customize it to fit right in with your brand.

Add anything else that you need to design Your Store Your Way!

Differentiate your store beyond typical looking to high-end quality with powerful interactions and animations in your store.

Photo by Webflow

The majority of shop owners just choose a template that everyone else is using, standing out is easy with Webflow.

Sell and Track

Sell your products using custom layout experiences, add variants if you have the same product in different colors, add custom fields if you need to.

It’s powered by payments using Stripe (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX), Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Paypal.

This means that your customers have many choices on how they want to pay.

These are Stripes transactional fees

Create sales

Generate sales by listing sale prices or adding a coupon code for your promotional campaigns.

Creating coupon codes in your store dashboard is super easy! Find out How to Use coupon codes


Shipping and taxes can easily be set to match your region wherever you are.

And, you can ship anywhere around the world.

Orders: Tracking

Tracking, managing, and keeping your customer informed is easily done from your shop’s dashboard.

You can view order details, update order statuses, and issue refunds.

Social Media Advertising

Easily sync your products with your Facebook, Instagram, and Google Shop.

With this, you can link your website shop to these social media accounts and sell online.

Have more sales channels!

Create a shoppable experience for your audience.

Google Analytics

Know who’s visited your store by integrating to your Google Analytics.

No more wondering!

Connect the tools of the most powerful Search Engine-Google to your website and quickly see reports on how your page is doing.

Get Found Online

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is essential so that your shop can be found online when searched on Google or Bing.

Webflow Offers extensive On-Page SEO Tools to boost your ratings.

We suggest having a blog on your page and maintaining it to get higher in the ranks and show up in more searches in Google.

We say this because one of the ways search engines find what the user wants to find is by searching through the words on your entire website and ranking based on the number of times those words were mentioned.

Having a blog on your eCommerce store serves as a guide for your customers as well as benefits your ranking.

Use the opportunity and write captivating blog articles that will help your customers when making a decision to buy your products.

Who’s this for

Webflow is for those that want to differentiate their shop from the millions of online shops out there.

With the power to customize how your shop works, looks, and feels, you are on your way to impress anyone.

Check out Webflow eCommerce here.


Foxy eCommerce for your shop

Foxy is a flexible eCommerce platform to sell anything on your website. It helps you sell anything on your website from physical products, digital products, bundles, custom products, etc.

Email customization

Foxy is great for customization on the actual content that gets sent out through automated emails to your customers.

You can include certain information that wouldn’t normally be in your emails.

Customer Support

We fell in love with Foxy’s customer support! It was the best experience we’ve had working with eCommerce-shops.

When we had any type of issues the support was there to give useful and genuine help that really drove us to success.

By Foxy

Cart & payment page added to your existing website!

Types of products you can sell:


Foxy eCommerce solution accepts more than 100+ payment methods.

This makes it easy for your customers to pay any way they want!

Check out Foxy here

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions, send us a message.

See you next time!


Check out Webflow here.

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