How to make your Fitness Website Pay for itself

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Are you nervous about your website costs?

Don't be! It can literally pay for itself and generate a big extra chunk of cash. Here's how:

1. Through Online Classes

Gym Fitness Website Online Courses

Building an online training for your gym is one of the best ways. You can have a website that works with an online subscription or online membership. In this modern era, many lack time to drive and go to a gym but they still want the benefits of being fit and healthy.

Offering online classes has a broad potential to reach new clients that can be located anywhere around the world. Your audience stops being just local once you chose to do this, now your fitness services can reach a global level.

And the best thing, you don't even need a big fitness facility to do this. You can do it anywhere as long as it works.

Online classes can be sold as a one-time payment or a monthly recurring payment. Meaning that you can create a sustainable gym and have your website pay for itself. You can also serve as a counselor, dietitian, nutritionist and more.

Also, you can have pre-recorded routines, counseling and much more!

You can live-stream or chat with one person only. This will still maintain the personal training bond. More so, you can have different classes or routines for different clients on your own fitness website which will allow you to diversify your fitness classes and yet help members.

Since the program is created to help a specific person, this type of training can be offered at a higher value.

Have clients enroll, answer a few questions about their fitness goals and get ready to help that person. You can create and manage all your contracts, agreements or memberships, and payments online.

2. Sell Merchandise

Gym Sell Merchandise

If your gym is already established, then this is a great option for you!  Use your brand to reach more people.

You can either create merchandise to highlight your gym or recommend products you love. Make your clients feel that they can depend on you. You are a one-stop place for all their fitness needs.

Selling merchandise can give you that opportunity to highlight your brand with custom cool shirts or gym bags with your logo that can create new opportunities.

Or you can create a  list of products that you recommend. It can be gym equipment, fitness wear, shoes, etc. You name it! There are tons of brands that are looking for affiliates.

The common gym goer spends a ton. Actually, the average is "$56 on health supplements, $35 on clothing and accessories for working out, $17 for healthy meal plans and $14 on trainers" My Protein reports.

Your website can definitely pay itself with this.

3. Premium Content

Gym Fitness Website Premium Content

Have content on your website that is only available for your most valuable high paying clients. These are the loyal clients that sustain you.

Give everyone a reason to pay that extra $$. You can incentivize this by getting your clients deals or offers with discounts. For example, extra classes, tickets for an event, fun trips, etc, the options are limitless.

Offer them exclusives that no one else has such as premium videos, premium live classes, discounts or a free friend pass.

4. Blog affiliates for your Fitness Website

Gym Fitness Website Blog Affiliates

If you've already figured out that blogs are an excellent tool to build SEO and want to monetize it.

Then, you are in the right mindset that will help your fitness website pay for itself.

Affiliates are products or services that you trust and can genuinely talk about how awesome they are. The best thing about having a fitness website with affiliates is that the money keeps coming and coming forever. All you have to do is keep working with your clients and refer them to read your blog, everything they buy through it you'll get commissions.

Gym owners, like yourself, use a lot of products. Equipment, gym wear and a lot more.

Write about it!

5. Sponsorships for your Fitness Website

Gym Website Brand Sponsor

Build your audience, have a list of clients and get sponsors.

By having an online presence, sponsors can get attracted to catch the attention of your existing audience. Using this, you can get sponsorships such as gym wear, gym equipment, and more. You can save in your gym equipment needs as well as make extra, is a win-win.

Your best bet is getting with a local store and putting their information and promotions on your site.

Fitness brands are always looking for places to help them sell, not only that, you can use your website to advertise fitness events, if you get to drive lots of traffic to it you can get sponsors for online space or in your gym.

Now, use these tips to have your fitness website pay itself and generate awareness for your gym in 2020.

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