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Wondering how in these times you can still sell your products or services? In these times, you need to have an online presence. Discover inside!Unexpected emergencies like the one we are going through now by force business owners to see the need for online presence. A website should be the core of your business, a virtual employee if you will. It can be independent and help with many tasks. It should be able to stand on its own, making it an extension of your services, products, brand and/or local. Just because you need to close your doors does not mean you have to cease all operations.

What industries does a website help?

A website will help all industries. At the very least it will help with brand awareness and at its best, it will make your business keep on running even if your doors are closed. Let me give you some examples:

Retail Industries. Stores, shops, homemade...

Shop industry website created by Bee Hexa
Website created by Bee Hexa for

For any type of retail like clothing, collectibles, jewelry, furniture and more you can use an e-commerce website. You can offer many options when it comes to selling online, from local pick up, shipping of goods and right now gift cards for future purchases is what is keeping retailers afloat.

Food Industries. Restaurants, bars, food trucks…

Beverage Photography by Bee Hexa
Beverage photography by Bee Hexa

You can display with a digital menu selection all you have to offer. Nowadays you can benefit from delivery services run by your own establishment or take advantage of many options like Uber Eats, DoorDash, Favor and more. Food establishments tend to fall in the trap of just being visited by nearby locals, with an online presence you can reach a more regional audience and with a well set up website you can have people order what they want online.

Fitness Industries

Raw War Fitness Website build by Bee Hexa
Website solution created by Bee Hexa visit at RawWar

Ever wonder how you can keep your members happy and trained? Online videos and online content. Build a membership website. Keep in contact with your audience by creating gated content. Only members you added or that were allowed to create accounts can see specific pages within your website. This is used by personal trainers that still want to keep training clients while they are traveling or unable to meet face to face.

Service Industries

Service provider website created by Bee Hexa
Website created by Bee Hexa for

This time brings an opportunity for all service industries. People are in their homes and connected to the internet all day. They are putting affairs in order and seeing what they need to work on in their houses or in their lives. Do not miss the opportunity to reach them, show them what you have to offer and collect their information. Whether you are a construction company (I assure you, people are noticing how small their homes are or changes they want now!) financial business (people are seeking guidance with money now more than ever) and many many more! You can benefit from reaching and getting clients' information for future business now! Most services can be done on your own in your own spaces, most people don't really need to be in an office face to face to work now. Set up google hangouts, zoom or other virtual meeting apps and don't stop working and earning that paycheck. We can even help you set up appointments and get paid for them through your website.

In summary, What are the benefits of your business being online!

Brand awareness - let people see what you offer, how you offer it and what makes you unique.

No need to go to the office - You can continue working using your website as the engine for your operations.

Automate - Let the website do the task for you. Let it sell, let it convince people, let it grab attention, let it grab information, let it work for you!

Social media is not enough - Social media is meant to be a marketing tool it doesn't work efficiently as the core or engine of your business. Let people see the real you, what your business actually represents, not just an exchange of profile pictures and covers.

If you are in doubt about how your business can succeed or be implemented online just contact us and we can surely help you reach your goals.

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