What is Memberstack: Member Login 2020

What is Memberstack: Membership Websites for online businesses

Hello Dear reader! In this blog article, we are going to present you to Memberstack. This is our preferred Membership integration for websites.

We are going to be talking about:

What is Memberstack

Memberstack is a membership integration that runs on your website. It seamlessly integrates with your website design to match your branding. You can create members-only websites, dashboards, web apps, and intranets.

Thankfully, You can now have a full membership program without users leaving your website. Users can sign up, pay you & enjoy their membership.

Turn your website into members-only!

Memberstack Membership on your website login signup

What is a Membership Website?

A membership website is a site that has valuable members-only content where you need to sign up to become a member and login in order to get access.

It helps you create and grow a community of members that are ready to receive the perks of subscribing to your membership.

Usually, these gated online communities require payment monthly in order to keep access. There are usually different levels of memberships with varying benefits, also known as member tiers.

Gated content is the main benefit of having a member login. What this means is that you can have parts of your own website inaccessible to anyone without an account.

This is something you had surely come across, usually in the form of having a free account or a premium account. You can create different tiers or memberships giving access to different content.

Another way to use membership websites is through the use of client portals. Client Portals are used to provide valuable content for your clients.

These are only a few examples of how membership websites can be used.

What is a Membership app?

Membership app also referred to as membership management software, client portal is an app that helps you to manage your memberships when it comes to onboarding, content, tiers, and payments.

This software streamlines the whole process of running a membership.

What Memberstack can do

Memberstack Dashboard Membership on your website

Memberstack provides a simple and seamless interface for your users to log in and pay their membership fees through your website.

A lot of software claims to be seamless but usually, they mean that they seamlessly redirect your users to another site.

You may not be very tech-savvy so don’t get tricked with software saying “seamlessly”. The way to spot this is if they have to redirect to another domain (www.), then it’s don’t seamless.

When we talk about Memberstack, it is seamless because when your user is on your page, they will literally stay on your page. They just need to put in credentials to see the content already on your website.

This is one of our favorite features because it gives a lot of benefits to your visitor as well as your website ranking.

We are trying to keep the user on your website as much as possible.

Memberstack Features

Memberstack Membership Website Platform 2020

Memberstack has many features such as:

Other Features

Who or should use Memberstack?

Memberstack should be used by any business owners that want to create gated content or if you simply want a simple way to manage overall subscriptions.

In short, if you want a sign up, log in or any functionality like this, then you should give it a try.

Businesses that use this are usually:

There are many other businesses that can generate revenue by offering gated content or portals.

About Memberstack

Memberstack was built on 2018 by Duncan Hamra & Tyler Bell to make an online business and generate revenue easily.

The app in essence is a SaaS product that allows you to add a whole membership program with multiple tiers and make a revenue.

Is it Affordable? Memberstack Pricing

You get a whole membership website app for only $25/mo!

Benefits of Memberstack: Membership Website

The main benefits of Memberstack are:

Extra details about Memberstack

Conclusion: Our Review of Memberstack

Memberstack is the best tool we’ve used to create seamless experiences when it comes to memberships.

At Bee Hexa, we believe that users shouldn’t be redirected outside of your website.

We’ve used this app with our websites to charge website subscriptions. Additionally, our clients love this tool and use it to digitalize and automate their whole workflow.

We actually offer this app integration on some of our website packages, see here.

Usually, clients use Memberstack + Webflow or Memberstack + Zapier.

Try Memberstack for yourself!

Let us know your thoughts about this integration.

If you have any questions, let us know. You can contact us through our social media or in the comments of our youtube channel.

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