Memberstack vs Mindbody

Welcome! Today we're going to break down our experience with Mindbody, an app that helps fitness businesses manage their operations, and Memberstack, an online membership subscription application.


is commonly used by fitness businesses to run their online presence as well as some of their daily tasks. Mindbody is a robust system that covers:

  1. Attendance Tracking
  2. Class & Schedule Management
  3. Employee Management
  4. Inventory
  5. Membership Management
  6. Contract Management
  7. Marketing Management

Additionally, it has an app where your fitness business can get listed as an option for those looking for options when it comes to their fitness needs. Any business such as gyms, martial arts, boxing gyms, CrossFit gyms, yoga studios, Zumba and a lot more can get listed on this app and promote your gym.

It is divided into 3 tiers,  Essential – $129/month ,  Accelerate – $239/month ,  Ultimate – $349/month.

The app also lets you book a class through with just a simple click and even pay before attending the class.


Memberstack's power | Photo from Product Hunt

Memberstack is a platform that creates memberships inside your own website, that helps businesses create free or paid subscriptions. It uses gated content, the platform is an extensive tool for all businesses including gyms, spas, service-based businesses, online subscription businesses, etc. Gated content means that unless they have an account with you they won't have access to pages inside your own website. You can restrict and allow these pages depending on the tier (free, premium, ultra) or class (boxing, aerobics, meal plans) they are enrolled in.

Memberstack integrates with your website and allows full control of the structure and design.

The platform has its own dashboard which is extremely easy to use.

The platform covers:

  1. Gated content
  2. Membership Management
  3. Online Payments

It is divided in 3 tiers,  Pro – $25/month ,  Scale– $49/month ,  Established – $299/month.  (see pricing)

Combining this tool with other software such as Calendly or CozyCal (Appointment/ Class  / Schedule Management), Contractbook (Contract Management), Gusto (Employee Management) and Webflow eCommerce (Retail), you can create a tool that is as powerful as Mindbody.

Pros & Cons

The moment you've been waiting for. The comparison.

Price:  While Mindbody is an All-in-one software, it can get very expensive and it comes with high fees. From what we heard from some users they are spending from $400 to $600 monthly.  Memberstack  on average is $49 + 1% transaction fee per month for people making less than $15,000.  

Capabilities: Mindbody has a lot of features vs Memberstack specializes in membership management. So it comes out to what needs your business model actually needs. We can, however, implement the other features with other integrations and still not as expensive. (Are you really using all of Mindbody features?)

User Experience: We heard from some users that Mindbody can be a little confusing and frustrating to use.  The interface seems to be complicated and constant updates mess with already established operations thus confusing and sometimes hurting gym businesses. Memberstack works from its own dashboard, extremely easy to use and changes information as you need, from statuses, adding members, changing billing, etc. The other tool we include is a powerful CMS (Content management system) which will allow you to do basic changes to your site in an easy simple way, drag and drop and text inputs.

Customization: Mindbody is template-based vs Memberstack is created just for you. It's meant to look like a part of your custom website because it is. It will keep the traffic inside your site which will do wonders for your SEO.

Brand Growth: Mindbody gives you its established searchability. Memberstack gives you the power to grow your own searchability. By taking your members away from your website into the Mindbody website, Mindbody is actually taking all that time from your page thus taking your opportunity to have a higher site time (session duration). Not only that, but you can also start online courses and/or features behind the membership which will make your site more valuable.

Competition: Mindbody will make you compete against others in your own niche because it lists you right next to your competition. In this scenario, if your product doesn't look better or cheaper than your competition. Then, you will not win. Memberstack allows you to build your own empire and have your brand compete with no one.


Minbody is a standalone all-in-one platform, it can be a highly expensive and overwhelming combination of tools that can do a disservice to fitness business that are starting out and don't need a ton of tools, in the case of needing all of the features it can be a good choice for simplicity sake. Memberstack is cheaper and offers the right tools for clean membership management. If you need more features it can quickly be combined with other tools and you can have it fully customized to exactly what you need. Your website should be the engine of your admin tasks and it can also serve as a monetization machine, don't lose traffic, control nor money to other sites.  

Memberstack- Membership system integrated into your website with the perk of gated content.

Mindbody- Standalone all-in-one platform with many tools for established high-budget gyms that don't want to use their site as their engine.


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