Need Appointment system for your website - Cozycal

Need Appointment system for your website - Cozycal
CozyCal on Bee Hexa Branding’s website
CozyCal on Bee Hexa Branding’s website

Do you want to give your potential clients a way to book an appointment with you from your website? Well, you need CozyCal!

CozyCal is an appointment system that takes full control over your availability. It books appointments, collects payments, manages appointments and sends automated emails. It also lets you accept or deny appointments giving you the power to control your schedule.

It syncs with your Google Calendar or Outlook to keep you up to date with your appointments.

How it works

CozyCal appointments on your website

CozyCal integrates seamlessly with your website so you can add a Call to Action button on your site or display your available times.

It catches the attention of your website visitors and has them booking an appointment with you. Don’t lose the opportunity to capture your visitors’ information. Convert more!

Collect payments

When you want to charge for your appointment, you can set up a price and it will request payment. CozyCal uses Stripe, a payment software, to collect payments. Stripe charges only a small percentage of  2.9% + 30 cents. No setup fees nor monthly fees.

What business or industry can use the appointment system?

Perfect for beauty salons, counseling agencies, events/RSVP.

Your visitors can schedule and pay even before getting to your event or location.


CozyCal has pricing that grows with you. You can have 1 user per month for as low as $20 and as you add members to your team, it’s an extra $20 per team member.

Get a powerful converting tool that will give you control of your schedule for the price of 2 coffees.

Extra Features!

Once you get an appointment, it sends out automated email notifications to let you and your visitors know when, where and how much. Also, it gives you access to unlimited event types, event bookings.

Doing an online video conference?

Integrate it to your favorite platform, Zoom, Google Hangouts and more.

Property of CozyCal

How to set up

It takes a few steps to set up:

  1. Install on Your Website
  2. Edit Floating Button
  3. Create Custom Buttons

See more details at

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