Need Membership system for your website - Memberstack is your solution

Need Membership system for your website - Memberstack is your solution

What is Memberstack?

$3,500,000+ In recurring revenue earned by Memberstack customers        -Memberstack

Memberstack is a membership integration for your own website that blends seamlessly with your website design because essentially it is part of it. It makes any website a membership website. Additionally, it's affordable and grows with your business.

Below are the details of this platform.

Memberstack Membership Websites
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What is a membership website?

A membership website is any website that allows you to have and manage members. We use websites like this all the time, from social media, software, blogs, and more. Basically any website that allows a user to have an individual login. Social media and such have many other features combined but the first thing is membership, allowing you (the customer or user) to input your email address and a password to then be able to see the content.

What can a membership website do?

Memberstack Member Checkout

At its core, it will allow you to create a login by yourself or at least request an account to an admin. The main benefit of having a member's login is gated content. What this means is that you can have parts of your own website inaccessible to anyone without an account or the other way around, just show specific content to a specific type of members according to their membership type. This is something you had surely come across, usually in the form of having a free account or a premium account. You can create different tiers or memberships giving access to different content.

What does it do?

It gives you the power to have your own membership program straight on your website. This helps:

99.99% up-time with encrypted, secure & compliant data practices -Memberstack

Why should you use Memberstack over others?

When integrated with Webflow, it gives you the full power of customizing exactly how your members' area, member’s pages look.

While providing a solid, reliable backend.

Incredible! Don’t take my word for it, go check it out

So what makes Memberstack interesting, is it good?

Memberstack has different tiers, the one that you would need would depend on how much money you would be made through the site, this is why it grows with your business. The tiers are paid as monthly subscriptions and they start at $25 (if you make less than $1,500) $49 (if you make less than $15k) and $199+ (If you make over $15K).

Picture of Memberstack's pricing

It always allows a lot of free members, unlimited collaborators, unlimited paying members, and transaction fees are low (see pricing). It has its own dashboard, clean looking and easy to use, it allows you to add, remove or change members, as well as their type of membership. You can also see and change their payment information, see the billing history and your overall sales. You can also charge members daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or a one-time payment for limited or lifetime access.

What industries could use a membership website?

This can be used by really any business. But some that will definitely benefit the most are software subscriptions, fitness, social media, class/courses selling, Clubs and more. It is a great upgrade and tool to monetize your site.

Especially, you can build Web Apps, Lead Generation, Clubs, Freemium Websites, Customer Dashboards, Paid Memberships & Company Intranets

How to set up

This setup process depends on which website platform you are going to use to integrate Memberstack. These are the overall steps:

  1. Build your website in your platform of preference
  2. Add Memberstack to your website
  3. Sign up new members
  4. Get paid

How to set up in Webflow

Don’t know what’s Webflow?

Webflow is the website platform for business owners that want to stand out

Check out our blog all about Webflow

Webflow + Memberstack steps:

  1. Create a Webflow Website
  2. Create your Memberstack Account
  3. Paste Memberstack Code in your “Custom Code” Panel
  4. Create pages needed for Memberstack (Sign Up, Login, Hidden Pages, Hidden Content)
  5. Design your pages
  6. Publish!
  7. Get paid for your subscriptions

Want it done for you?

We offer Memberstack integration on Website Plans on our “Medium” and “Heavy” Integrations. Check them out here!

We’ll set up the Webflow website and the Memberstack integration all ready for you to launch your membership subscription.

Why should I choose Memberstack over others?

Many membership integrations take your internet traffic away from your website. This happens because they are actually hosted on their company’s website. Internet traffic is a key aspect of your website SEO ranking (Search engine optimization) in other words your Google Placement. These integrations sometimes allow you to do minor branding design changes, like putting your logo, maybe change color themes and backgrounds, which is good but it is not your actual website. You should control your traffic and your website design.

In conclusion…

A membership site is a great tool or upgrades for any business. It will impact your website’s ranking and therefore increase your revenue and overall quality of your business. You would be able to monetize your website which makes the platform pay for itself. It merges in your website design keeping you in control of your brand. So don't doubt to try it out and see how far it will take your business.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions, send us a message.

See you at the next one!


Check out Memberstck here.

Check out Webflow here.

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