Physical Branding: How does it help your Brick and Mortar Business?

Branding: How does it help your Brick and Mortar Business?

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Branding: The Power of enhancing your Brand

In concept, branding is more emotional than physical.

The concept is how you feel when presented with a brand, but in physical branding is what will evoke and awaken these feelings in your customer.

Physical Branding is what evokes feelings in your customer about the atmosphere of your Brick and Mortar Store.

Good branded places are the ones you can quickly identify when you see a color theme, hear a specific sound, or when you see a style and many more.

For example, imagine the colors red and yellow, and we bet you can taste the fries using your imagination.

Or, let’s see green, white, and a good aroma in the air, your mouth is probably watering thinking of the great coffee they provide.

Physical Branding= physical assets and/or on location ways of operating that create an emotional connection with your audience.


This is the overall feeling that you get when visiting a place or a website.

Color in Atmosphere

The color is one if not the greatest component for branding. People are more visual than anything else.

Something that we noticed working here in El Paso, is that people don't realize how good or how crucial is this aspect.

Color is not only in your logo but in the walls of your store, in the furniture of your office, even in the bathroom is needed.

(by the way, you are probably missing some advertising strategies there)

Your storefront can be restricted from painting the outside of the store, usually if you are in a mall or warehouse type of structure, but the inside is yours.

Painting the wall the right colors with the right balance will make your place pop up against others.

There are careers like interior design that is highly knowledgeable about this, don't just throw paint in the wall, it's not that easy. There's a whole science behind it, you can look upon color theory to understand what colors match, how they do it, and the needed balance.

Style in Atmosphere

Style can be tricky if you don't have designing experience or a knack for it.

Most places have a mix-match of everything they thought was pretty or that was the cheapest and “gets the job done”.

In reality-style will make your color and overall atmosphere stand on its own.

This is something you can see in big chained restaurants, from the style you can even tell the type of food they will be selling or even the prices.

Style can be tied loosely to quality, not really in whether it is good or bad but it does show how invested a place is in selling an image.  

Style can be displayed in the art used on the walls, or their type of frame, the seats, even the bulbs.

Whether it is going for a rustic look, modern or any other, style is what binds the other aspects together.

Sound in Atmosphere

The invisible hero! Sound, in this case, is mostly music.

It's mainly used as a background, people don't actively realize they are listening to it unless it's an actual song they know.

Music (like colors) has a deep influence on your feelings.

They can “set the mood” whether your place is to relax, to socialize, to eat, to get inspired, and many more.

Retail know how to use this, they usually have a background instrumental sound to manipulate the way customers feel and do stuff around the store.

From making sure people relax and look around, get excited, and get stuff or even get out of the store, it's a whole spectrum.

The smell in the Atmosphere

This is not necessarily a key component when it 's right (unless you are a food business owner) but is a key component when it is done wrong.

Nobody wants to spend time in a smelly place.

Your business should at the very least always smell clean and pleasant, otherwise, you will have people going out the door and never coming back.  

Branding: Customer Service

Storefront branding


They’re not 100% needed especially if your brand is social, but they are needed in technical service type business.

In areas where you have a lot of competitors, this will help you stand out. It also helps customers quickly identify who to call for help or who to talk to.

Modus Operandi

This is the way the business conducts said business.

Do you greet people at the door, do you try to upsell people, do you ask for reviews, do you give reasons to come back.

Branding: Physical Assets

Printed Media

Printed Media in your brick and mortar physical branding

It always helps to have a flyer or business card available for people to take and go.

The reality is that most people just want to drag it around and they forget about it, especially if the design and quality are poor.

But the way it helps is that it allows a first time customer to feel like they are taking something of value out of your store, they can, later on, see details that you want them to be able to see.

Not only that many of us when we do cleaning we find a lot of those cards and flyers, and if their branding was already good, that piece of paper will remind you the bond and feelings you had that day, it will be like “lay-away shoutout” if you will.


One of the most underused yet crucial elements of any business.

A video can be used to sell a product, to help/make customers pick something in particular.

You can even have a compilation of events or milestones that your business had gone through and quickly let people know about them.

In the food and beverage industry, they know how to use this very well.

When you walk into a bar, you usually see a ton of screens with videos of drinks and sides playing constantly.

You see the drinks being poured in action and the food being placed on the grill.

Or, when you go to chain fast foods, you also see this.

You see how the hamburgers are grilled then perfectly placed in a bun with condiments such as onions, tomatoes, and ketchup.

Every time you see this your mouth starts watering and from not knowing what to order you suddenly know exactly what to get!

You’ve fallen into this strategy.

It’s by using video as part of your branding that you give the customer options to pick from.

We, as humans, are very visual especially with our food we want it to look great.

Storefront Outside Signage

Signage is expensive but if you can’t paint on the outside this will be the only factor that will catch the eye of people walking or driving by.

Traditionally, businesses use strategies like using neon lights outside to call the attention of potential customers.

The most important thing is to distinguish your business from the competitors and let an unforgettable mental image and feeling about you on your customers.

This is how you will be remembered.

Branding Example El Paso

Let’s talk about El Paso, Texas

In every city, state, or country, you have a set of characteristics, moments that you went through, or feelings that help you remember it.

Whether it be because you went to a specific place there or because you have family members there.

There’s always a reason why you remember it.

El Paso is known for its mountains and more iconic star ⭐️

El Paso, Texas Branding

The star that sits on top of the mountains, has become the #1 representation of El Paso.

Secondly, you think of the mountains

And third, you think of the reason why you are there. If it’s because of a family member or an experience you went through.

And that’s how branding takes place.

It’s so quick in our mind that we don’t even notice it.

But, this emotion can be done on purpose in your Brick and Mortar store.

In conclusion

We mainly talked about physical branding.

But the digital factors are extremely important too, bring this same theory in your web design, your social media, and anywhere where you or your business is represented.

We mainly focus on helping your digital needs, this is the reason why we use Webflow, we have complete control of how we represent your brand.  

Don’t know what’s Webflow? Read here.

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Branding is the “gut feeling” your client gets when thinking about all the experiences they’ve had when they’ve encountered with your brand.

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