Planning Your Website: In easy steps

Planning Your Website: Step to Step Guide must read

Most would start by designing the website as it would look like from the get-go. Most would start at the finish line.

That is the biggest mistake when creating your website because you would have a website that doesn't work for you. It doesn't meet ANY of your business goals.

We build websites almost every week at Bee Hexa Branding here at El Paso. Here are some of the questions you should be asking yourself in order to plan your website!

The first question should be:

Why does my business need a website?

Bee Hexa Branding El Paso, Texas Website Design

The goal of your website

You have to identify the #1 goal that your website will achieve. Think of it as its main purpose.

This can be to have more people know about you (awareness), to get clients (lead generation), to get contacted, to build confidence in your product, to sell products, to sell memberships, or to show off your work.

Even though websites can serve as a hub and offer multiple solutions, identifying its main purpose is critical in its success.

Plan your business goals

Start by identifying your business goals. You can use anything from Lead generation, new niche, sales, an increase of revenue, or brand awareness.

Define your brand

Bee Hexa Branding Build Your Brand El Paso

You probably already know everything about your brand. If you haven’t, here are some ways to do so:

Perhaps, you need more help. See my blog on Defining your brand

Target Audience

A target audience is a certain person that you want as a client. Basically, your perfect client. Who is that person?

Maybe you already know him or her or maybe you haven’t met your perfect client. Not to worry, answer these questions below and we’ll find out together.

  1. Who is he/she? Is your ideal client a female or male?
  2. What do they like?
  3. What is their business about?
  4. What are their struggles??
  5. What problem would he or she spend a million dollars on?

Lead Generation and your website

Lead generation is basically how you get new clients to actually buy from you and convert to paying clients.

A lot of people spend big bucks on getting leads and spend time searching for this.

Your website can be a lead generating machine. Here’s how:

  1. Amaze with an impressive hero that is all about you
  2. Tell your story
  3. Show your product or service
  4. Say why it’s different and why your audience needs it
  5. Give confidence by showing what your past clients say
  6. Have a way to convert them set up

That last part is the one we have to keep an eye out the most because we want clients to convert as much as possible and giving them tools to choose you is essential.

This tool could be a calendar so they can book you, a shop where they can buy your products or a membership where they can subscribe to your monthly subscription.


We’ve already talked a bit about your business goals and how to define them. Now, we are going to convert them to your website.

Convert goals into pages needed

Outline the pages you need based on your goals and your specific business.

Write it down on a piece of paper.

These are the usual pages of a website:

Those 3 pages compose almost all websites one way or another.

Let’s say you are selling products online, then, you need a “Shop” page of course.

Or, if you are offering services you need a “services” page and so on.

Write down all the pages you need.

Convert goals into features needed

This is the good part!

There are a lot of features you can integrate to your website. Like calendars, booking systems, membership, portals, eCommerce, etc.

You choose what you need. I’ll give you some ideas and recommendations of the integrations we use:

These are only a few that we use.

Select your platform

After identifying the purpose, it becomes easier to select a platform to build it is based on your necessities. What are you building?

We recommend Webflow.

Why? Because your brand is unique and so should your website.

Webflow is the website platform for the businesses of the future. It has captivating integrations, animations, and functions. Check it out here

Types of Websites

There are many types of

Choose who is going to create it

Who should build your website? Will you create it yourself or hire a professional Website Designer?

If you are building a website by yourself, then you probably could use a template.

The reality is that everybody thinks they can do a website by themselves. People don't take into account that you will need good media (photos, illustrations, videos, etc), you will need a LOT of time to build it, you probably have no knowledge of graphic design (color theories, structures, trends, etc), Copywrite, UX user experiences,  UI user interfaces and many other things that will affect how your website can be of used and actually help you with automation, lead magnets, insights and more.

Honestly, building a website is complicated and you need to know a lot and have a lot of time.

Luckily, there are website designers that can help do all this for you.

Check the websites we’ve built here

Bazaar Models El Paso Website Design
Dark Esencia Website Design Bee Hexa El Paso

Hope this helped you and sent you on your way to build your website.

Wishing you much luck from El Paso, Texas.

Thanks for reading, ‘til next time

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