Fitness Professionals: Why you need a website?

You've built your business from the ground up and you are passionate about seeing clients connect with what you do.

You've tried to get more clients in the door and have tried everything from promoting using flyers all the way to social media.

But, you don’t see the results you expected?

In this era, everyone searches for what they need. Actually 97% of consumers search local businesses according to adaptive marketing. Meaning that you have to appear in searches.

Not only that but, when someone actually clicks on your fitness website, they have to want to actually go to your gym.

This is a difficult task that most leave for social media. And while social media is a way to catch attention, you need a place to drive that attention to.

Social media = Catches the attention

Website = Drives them to your end goal

A fitness website is a tool that can be shaped to be the main driver of your whole business.

Not only can the website generate interest but it can also be used to automate admin functions. This will give you more time to focus on your gym.

Some of the benefits of a fitness website:

  1. Authenticity
  2. Open 24/7
  3. Reach more people online by getting found through SEO on Google

Some of the functionalities a fitness website can do for you:

  1. Receive online payments
  2. Have new members sign up on your website
  3. Sell merchandise
  4. Make online training

But wait, it can all pay for itself!

4 Ways to make your Fitness Website pay for itself:

  1. Online classes
  2. Sell Merchandise
  3. Premium Content



It is never real until you can search for it. A fitness website gives you the confidence to actually own your domain (www.), be found on Google and have an online presence. Start driving all your social media traffic and the people that attend your classes to your sales funnel. Show them what you offer, when and how to get it. And, it's as easy as buying it from your page. Read more here.

Open 24/7

Interested people may not have the time to actually pass by your website nor do they have time to send you an e-mail and wait for a response to a simple question such as "When are you open?"

And not everyone picks up the phone and calls you. Because the era of the internet and information has made us all depend on searching.

If you are making your clients wait, you are making a big mistake.

Create a website that has everything a prospect needs to know about you. Like the hours you are open for business, your location, what you specialize in as well as simple questions that many ask.

This is what a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is made for.

Reach more people online by getting found through SEO on Google

Google is the most powerful search engine out there these days and getting found is a must. Meet SEO, short for Search Engine Optimisation, is a process that helps you rank higher on Google and get found by people who are searching for your business.

The highest benefit of searches is that it gives you HOT LEADS.

Hot Leads are those that are already looking for what you offer and just need to find the right fit.

Think about it! You only search for what you need.

There are many more benefits that you can get as a fitness business owner by owning your own website. You can find even more here.


Receive Online Payments

If you are managing this manually by tracking which clients owe you, receiving payments and depositing, you know that it is a pain. With an online payment system, you don't have to do this anymore. Your online job would be to receive payments.

Make it easy for your clients to pay you. The easier you make it for your customers, the more willing they are to continue with you that's why subscription-based platforms are so successful. You just select what you want, put your credit card and enjoy it. That simple!

You can use this system as well. You can create a membership program in which you, as a fitness business, create different programs at different rates, have your client make a profile and pay for their specific subscription through there.

You just track your sales.

Have new members sign up on your website

Imagine having your customers sign up for your services right from your site. They can select the plan or classes they want, they can pay on your site and just show up to take the class.

How easy is that?

It frees up all your calendars and lets you focus on what you love. You can monitor improvement, see which classes are chosen the most, which classes are not so popular and you can keep your customers happy.

You bring efficiency, customer service and the ability to upsell all in one.

Sell merchandise

Create an online store where you can sell merchandise. You can sell cool merchandise that sponsors your gym or you can sell equipment and clothing that you best recommend from other brands.

Selling your own merchandise through your fitness website can open your business to new opportunities.

Make online training

I'm sure you've seen all the new videos from celebrities or popular fitness models that motivate you to sign up and follow your training with your favorite.

Well now, you can use this. You can expand your customers to a global audience. You can bring your gym knowledge and expertise to those who cannot make it to your gym because of their tight schedule but still want a great workout.

Educate them through videos of your trainers and encourage them to assist in your live classes.

This can even be an online trial where clients get a taste of what you learn and what you get out of a session at your studio.

Or this can be a subscription-based 100% virtual class.

How your business pays itself:

Through Online Classes

As we just mentioned, online classes have a broad potential to reach new clients and can be a great way to call attention.

And the best thing, you don't even need a big fitness facility to do this.

Sell Merchandise

As we mentioned, selling merchandise can give you that opportunity to highlight your brand with custom cool shirts or gym bags with your logo that can create new opportunities.

Also, you can sell a list of products that you recommend. That can be gym equipment, fitness wear, shoes, etc. You name it!

The common gym goer spends a ton. Actually, the average is "$56 on health supplements, $35 on clothing and accessories for working out, $17 for healthy meal plans and $14 on trainers" My Protein reports.

Your website can definitely pay itself with this.

Premium Content

Have content on your website that is only available for your most valuable high paying clients. These are the loyal clients that sustain you.

Give everyone a reason to pay that extra $$.

Offer them exclusives that no one else has such as premium videos, premium live classes, discounts or a free friend pass.

Now, let's talk about Web design

Fitness Website-Raw War MMA Gym
Raw War MMA Gym designed by Bee Hexa

The design is as important as the functionality of your website.

Great website design will help you:

  1. Express the value of your gym
  2. Attract your ideal client
  3. Maintain brand consistency

Express the value of your gym

While common people don't know about design, they know when a design is good or bad.  And this is because big brands have established what good design is so commoners already know what a real brand should look like.

They don't necessarily want you to look just like big brands but they do want you to look good enough.

Many completely forget that we determine the value of your gym by a mix of how it looks and the results we see.

When building your website, look at it from the perspective of others and not your own.

Value in design can be expressed through the quality of your photographs, videos, illustrations as well as the use of colors and shapes.

Design is the best way to make your gym look like an already established brand.

Attract your ideal client

Throughout our entire life, we choose to like certain types of designs that resonate with us.

An example of this is my personal liking of pink, bold brands.

As a woman, I've been conditioned to like these types of brands that are made by women. Thus, I'll be more inclined to choose a brand that looks like this.

In your gyms' case, you have to decide who your ideal client is so that you can create the type of design that that person would like.

Maintain brand consistency

Brand consistency is key. Anyone who knows your gym brand would be surprised if they go to your fitness website and see something completely different from how your gym actually looks.


Web design, functionality, and positioning are tools a modern gym needs. We wish you luck on your journey in making your gym successful.

Your brand team,

BeeHexa here at El Paso, TX

Ready to make your fitness website?
Whether you own a Gym, a Cross-fit Gym, a Martial Arts Dojo or a Yoga Studio, you have been working on building your fitness business and getting more clients in the door.

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