Should you have a Blog on your website? Storychief App

Should you have a Blog on your website? Storychief App

A blog is one of the main enablers to get found online.

This is important because, in this day and age, everyone finds websites and businesses by searching online and choosing the best-looking option.

What does a Blog do?

To understand how a blog is helping you have to understand how search engines work. The way search engines like Google or Bing find you is through the use of keywords. It goes and searches your website for words that are mentioned constantly and uses that to show you as a good option to the public. This is called SEO (search engine optimization)

To understand how search engines work, you have to think about their function and goal as software. The purpose of a search engine is to provide searchers the best possible content or answer for what they are looking for.

What is the relation between search engines and blogs?

How search engines determine this is through scanning your site for words that answer that question. While this is the main action, there are other factors that affect the search such as how many people read this which translates into how many trusted this page’s content as a valid answer. Additionally, the time that person stayed on the page, also known as “session duration” is a big factor for them because it tells them the value that others placed on this specific content. You are actually helping us do this right now! :D

Finally, mobile functionally and site speed are a huge deciding factor for search engines as currently, most visitors of the web are searching using a mobile device and the speed which the site loads determine if the user will stay on the page.

What if we tell you... You can Monetize your website!

Get found online and monetize your website

A blog is a great tool to monetize your website. There are many different ways, from referrals, affiliates, sponsorship, google Adsense and more! All you have to focus is on bring traffic. If you are doing your blogs right, then your SEO should be good, so the organic traffic should flow, and with this, you can start making money. Everywhere from pocket change to thousands of bucks, surely enough to pay for the website expenses.

Ok, so what is Storychief?

Optimize your Blog to get found online SEO

Storychief is the #1 tool to write SEO driven articles, gives you the power to write blogs that suggest changes to your copy write to get a stronger possibility. It a digital editor, you can also say a digital supervisor of your writing skills.

Benefits- Rank higher in Google by following the suggestions that Storychief provides you.

Best of all, you can integrate this tool with your website and all your social sharing channels so that you can schedule content to publish automatically and efficiently to all your channels.

Gone are the times where you have to share the same content and paste in different channels.

Publishing to your custom website speeds up the content creation process and enables you to create engaging, readable content that helps your site rank higher and become more discover-able.

How to set up Storychief?

Setting up Storychief to publish is very easy. You have to answer: Will I have this content published to my custom website or will I use it only for social media or will I use the free blog page that comes with Storychief?

Depending on your answer, the result might be different but let’s say you choose to publish the content to your custom domain website and then share it to your social media channels as we do.

Then, here are the steps:

1.Set up your Website (if we built it for you then you already have a kick-ass easy CMS)

2. Connect with Storychief

3. Connect your social media channels by giving permissions to your channels.

4. Start and publish amazing content!

Publish to all your channels with Storychief Blog

Try Storychief for free now

Take a step further and connect your Storychief Blog to your Webflow Website.

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