The Power of Brand Strategy

A brand is a specific name, mark or symbol that distinguishes your products and/or services from that of your rivals.

More so, your brand in your customers eyes are multiple experiences or connections that they have gone through that bring up different feelings or emotions.  

For a first time client that hasn’t had experiences with the brand yet, it’s very important that the visual attributes of the brand correctly represent the message or intent of the brand.

This is why you have to craft your story, establish a plan that uses strategies that include marketing/advertising and make sure all visual attributes follow that story.

All those efforts together will help you create impressions and emotions in the prospects' mind.

Your basic visual component

For example, let's start with the most basic visual component of your business, your logo. Right now, you might think that it's insignificant.

Your logo is the face of your company and, along with the name you chose, will give your prospective clients an idea of the company.

Therefore, you want to ensure that it represents exactly what you want and this can be achieved with the use of specific colors, patterns & typography (fonts).

This basic component is used all throughout your identity design (business cards, letterhead), digital media as much as in your traditional/printed media (signage, packaging) so it must be a packed visual strike that tells exactly what you do.

Another example is your website, which you either might have built yourself or had a friend or professional develop it.

Both options are completely okay as long as whoever created it understood your brand, your story, your essence and used it correctly to achieve your purpose.

This purpose might have been "I want people to know about me" or "I want them to know about my product so that they can purchase it".

Is this hitting your brand goals? If it isn't, don't  worry...

I once too overlooked brand strategy and quickly found out that I was doing a bunch of short-term focuses that didn't lead anywhere.

Achieve your business goals with Brand Strategy

After defining your brand, you can go ahead and identify your business goals so that you can plan accordingly. Write down goals like Increase Sales or Create Awareness or Highlight a product.

Make sure the goals that you are writing down are clear and concise. They can be vague at first but then, we are going to define what these mean to you and describe the specifics.

After identifying your business goals, we are going to identify a timeline in which we want to accomplish this. And this timeline should be realistic and should leave room for revisions and mistakes. We are all human and mistakes need to be accounted for.

In our example, we crafted a 12 month plan for the creation of Bee Hexa Branding LLC itself and the milestones we had to face in order to create this brand.

Later, we need to divide each goal into a task that will be done in the appropriate time.

That was a brief summary on how you can execute brand strategy.

Brand Strategy is the overall effort you plan out for your brand. Its not limited by timeline nor the tools you use to achieve your business goals.

By tools I refer to the visual assets that will help you succeed such as identity  design, packaging, etc.

I can show you what I did to change everything and start hitting those goals.

The trick is changing those short-term focuses and start to see the bigger picture.

So that we can start planning your objectives in a long-term focus consisted of short sprints.

Over the next few blogs, I will break down this long-term plan I developed for myself and will teach you all the details you need to know in order to find your brand story and achieve your business goals.

Stick around for more...

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