Use business cards to get clients

Why are business cards important?

Business cards are an essential part of any business-minded individual because they are the one print media that is small enough to be able to fit in a wallet and be handed to prospects.

Most entrepreneurs use this tool but don't get the maximum value from it.

Let's invest time and effort so that we can get all the value possible.

Here's how...

How to get clients with business cards

bee hexa business cards
Bee Hexa Branding's business cards

Make an impact

With a person you just met, you only have seconds for them to decide on whether they can trust you or not. Build credibility by using a trust-worthy design that goes with your brand. Don't settle for less.. your prospects will notice!

Give out your information quickly

Use business cards to quickly give out information on how you can be reached such as phone number, Facebook, Instagram, website link or link to your portfolio.

Sometimes we can go to many entrepreneur events and it gets messy. You meet many people and talk to too many as well. A lot of them give you their contact info and you scramble to save everything.

Make it easy! With a business card there's no writing down or searching at the spot. So you can stop writing and start providing an idea of how you can provide value to your future client.

Look professional

gold foil business cards
Gold foil business cards & spot gloss business cards

Anyone who has a serious business, especially in a creative area, always carries at least one or two business cards at all times.

Although, the network you build will depend on your social skills, good presentation from the beginning is an advantage.

Creating a business card that works for you

Sitting down and creating how your business card will look might be difficult. You have to have a clear vision of what your brand is and how it will be represented graphically.

To ease the trouble, here are some of the things you should have in mind when creating your business cards or hiring a professional graphic designer.

Speaks to your client

Use the opportunity! Create a message that speaks to your prospect. We, Bee Hexa Branding, have chosen "We plan and build your future".

We use this line to attract business-minded individuals who want to build their future. With this line, we tell you three things. That we constantly plan, we create and that it's all about you.

Tailor this concept to your specific brand.

If own a restaurant with delicious tacos. You can use something like "Bet you haven'y tried the best tacos".

Directs them to what you want

Use your business cards to connect to your website, to your social media or as a way to direct prospects through your sales funnel.

Whatever you choose, plan and be creative with this.

Use amazing design

Graphic design has the power to convert your product into an elevated experience.


Because design plays a big part on how you are seen.

So, use a design that correctly represents your business. The luxury of the design can be displayed in the logo, images and print.

Use finishes to impress

Printing with the right materials is also important because we can use spot gloss for example to highlight what you want.

Also, we can print in gold foil to create a "chic" look.

Or use recycled paper for an Eco-friendly brand.

This will both impress and create confidence in your prospects.

We hope these tips will help you when creating your next business cards. If you need a professional graphic designer to create your business cards, send us a message.

We will be more than happy to help you from our offices at El Paso, Texas.

Build your identity design with us.

bee hexa unstoppable brand

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