What is Webflow CMS: All you need to know

Webflow CMS: All you need to know to edit your website's content

Hello dear reader, welcome! Today we are going to discuss all about Webflow CMS. This is our favorite Webflow feature, it’s super powerful and extremely easy to use.

We are going to be talking about:

First of all, if this is your first time hearing about Webflow, go read our article all about Webflow.

In summary, Webflow is a Website Development Platform for the next generation of businesses. It creates powerful websites with incredible animations, interactions, and integrations.

What is Webflow’s CMS?

Webflow CMS Bee Hexa Branding Agency El Paso

CMS stands for Content Management System, it’s a powerful tool that helps you create and manage content on your website.

Webflow CMS lets you add or edit straight on your website and then publish with a click!

This means that any business owner even without website development experience can go into their website and change the content without altering the structure of the website. This eliminates the stress of "What if I mess it up?" You can't.

The CMS can be configured in a way that allows changes in the

Thus, making it easy and simple for you to keep all your content up to date. And the best thing is that you can change the content on the CMS Collections once and it changes automatically throughout the site.

Additionally, with certain plans, you can invite from 3 to 10  team members to join you update the site this way you can have your team work alongside you.

Isn’t it neat?!

How to get Webflow CMS?

To get Webflow CMS for your website, all you need to do is choose any of the plans that include CMS. Pricing for Webflow CMS starts at $20 monthly or $160 annually.

Webflow hosting is lightning-fast since it uses Amazon’s servers, it’s easy to set up because you don’t need FTP Transfers nor cPanel, site is always up and running and...

SSL comes standard with all Webflow plans!

Additionally, Webflow CMS allows you to create CMS Collections.

What is Webflow CMS Collection?

Webflow CMS Collection Bee Hexa Branding El Paso, Texas Websites

A CMS Collection is a group or a specific category of databases. It’s where content can be added to your database and later on connected to your website dynamically.

These databases are created uniquely to store a specific type of content. Let’s say you want to add a blog to your Webflow website, then you can create a CMS Collection with the fields that you need to run your blog posts with the same design,

This is how you would create your blog as a CMS Collection:

  1. Create a CMS Collection in your dashboard
  2. Add the fields you need
  3. Save
  4. Start adding your collection items

What is a Collection Item?

A collection item is an individual piece within a collection. In other words, if we were creating your blog, the collection item would be a blog article.

What is a CMS Field?

The CMS Fields are the options that you can choose from to add content when you are creating your CMS Collection. Some CMS Fields are:

What can the Webflow CMS do?

The CMS can run your database of content for your blog articles, member profiles (if integrated), can alter your products & anything else that is retrievable information.

Basically, it runs your content and allows you to created new pages that have the same structure with this new information that you are inputting into your CMS.

You can run your entire blog from your website or your restaurant menu, schedules for your Personal Trainer Business, or the products for your Shop or your member profiles & lots more.

The power that the CMS has is basically limitless!

Especially because you can add Reference fields and Multi Reference Fields which call options from other CMS Collections.

It also allows you to edit all the content on your website in a way that takes minutes and not weeks and all the changes can be done completely for free by you or your team.

Who can or should use Webflow?

The CMS is a great tool for creating content that has the same aesthetic or composition. It’s perfect for businesses that use blogs, member profiles, or sell products.

Webflow is perfect to get your business online!

Some of the businesses that use Webflow are:

These are only some types of businesses that are currently creating and hosting their websites with Webflow. The types increases as many other business owners meet Webflow.

Here are examples of the CMS being used to alter products:

Sira's Closet Website | Changing Product
Product pieces that are altered by Weblow's CMS | See live site
Website CMS | Changing Products
Product pieces that are altered by Weblow's CMS | See live site

Here is an example of Blogs being edited and created using Webflow's CMS:

Website Webflow CMS | Changing Blog Articles
Blog articles being edited and created using Webflow's CMS | See live site

Here is an example of Schedules using Webflow's CMS:

Webflow CMS | Changing a Gym Training Schedule
You can change all the information here without knowing code!

A little about Webflow

The CMS is evolving as time goes by, Webflow has been around since 2013 which is relatively young, more features have been added since we started using it, features like multi references to fill out fields from other CMS Collection and helpful functions like visibility condition.

Webflow is a San Francisco based company that offers Website designing and hosting. They offer an ever-evolving platform that has an incredible community of designers and is very responsive to questions or issues.

Go check it out www.webflow.com

Why should you use Webflow CMS?

With content marketing as one of the best ways to market your brand, easily editing your website has become a necessity.

Webflow CMS saves you money, time, and runs your website.

Editing your website is now an easy task and not a hassle. With Webflow’s easy-to-use platform you can have all the power as a business owner.

Now, you don't have to depend on a professional web designer or website development team to post your content, you can easily do it yourself.

Pros and Cons about Webflow CMS  


  1. Edit content on your own
  2. Easy & visual editing
  3. Schedule Posts


  1. Right now there is a limit in Multi Reference Fields
  2. Nested Collection


Website Plans that include CMS:

Is Webflow expensive?

Some think this is very expensive but if you think about how much developer costs would be to develop each page every time you want to add a blog page article or other pages that repeat the design, then this price is cheap.

Extra details about Webflow


In Conclusion, Webflow CMS is a great tool to create a dynamic stunning website that you can easily edit.

Thanks for reading, see you next time!

Let us know what you think about Webflow.

Here is an affiliate link for you to try it and to help us keep bringing you this information. If you have any doubts don't hesitate to contact us. You can do it through our social media or in the comments of our youtube channel.

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