Webflow: Discount Codes for eCommerce (Alpha)

Webflow New Feature: Discount Codes for eCommerce (Alpha)

Hi! This past week we were honored to be of the few % of alpha testers for Webflow for the New feature: Discount Codes.

Everyone in the Webflow community has been anxiously waiting for this feature.

Don't know what is Webflow? Read here.  

Webflow is a Website Platform for the next generation of businesses. It creates powerful websites with incredible animations, interactions, and integrations.

The role of Discount Codes

Discount codes are a huge part of actual stores. This motivates clients to buy just because they have a discount. It seems minimal but that's the #1 reason why Black Friday is so successful. It gives an incentive and the motivation that people need to buy.

Obviously, you don't want to be on sale all the time because then you seem desperate. But, running a sale or offering a discount code once in a while or to exclusive members is a great motivator.

Before all this, whenever I wanted to do a sale or discount on one of the online stores we manage, I had to download a spreadsheet so I could save the original pricing, then, select the outfits I wanted to put on sale and go and manually change the pricing.

After the sale is over, I had to upload that excel or manually change the prices back. Such a headache!!

I'm sure there might have been other ways but they didn’t seem native to Webflow.

When this new feature is finally released, Webflow will really bump up to becoming a competitive option against online eCommerce builders such as Shopify, WooCommerce and even Square.

Webflow would now give you a customizable shop with an easy to use, easy to upload products and easy to manage solution. Our clients can now rest easy and be more open to picking Webflow.

Because you always want the best looking and most functional solution.

What is the feature?

The new feature allows you to give your customers a discount that they can use at their checkout.

Webflow Discount Code
How the new discount code feature looks at checkout.

It lets you create your own codes and give a discount by % or a fixed amount. Like in the image above, I created a code "STAY INSIDE" that when used it gives you $10 off on your purchase.

But, I also create another code "STAY SAFE" that gives you 10% off.

So that way you have options on which discount you want to use.

Also, you can set the code as active or inactive.

Most importantly, on your "Orders" page you can see when the code was used that way you can track how many times it was used and by whom.


With discount codes for Webflow, you can run promotions on your store or your clients' store. You just give out the code. You can run:

These are the uses we can think of. I'm sure that there are many more uses for the new Webflow Discount Code feature.

How to Use it!

Step 1: Create a discount code

Step 2: Add the discount element to your checkout page

Step 3: Test the discount on your live page

Step 4: Promote it!

And that's it. Simple and easy to do.

Details you should know

The code is automatically applied to a Shopper's subtotal. It will not include shipping and taxes to that discounted price.

If the shopper enters an invalid code, the screen will show an error message.

If the shopper has more than 1 discount code, when he or she enters the 2nd one, it will override the 1st one. Meaning that you can only use 1 discount code at checkout.

Thank you for reading, see you next time!

Special thanks to Webflow for selecting us as alpha testers. See more about them here.

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