Website Interactions & Customization: Our process

Web Design

The way the website is visually displayed

We start our websites by identifying your business goals and creating features that get you there.

client goals
web features

We create a site map to breakdown all the desired pages and sub pages.

site map
Website site map

‍Then, we start the web design, where we use User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) to ensure a page that is aesthetically pleasing as well as easy to use. We specialize in the appearance, layout, and purpose of the content you wish to display to your target audience.

Additionally,  we prioritize responsive and adaptive design because we understand your users may be seeing your web page on different screens such as desktop, mobile, and tablets.

website design using Adobe XD
Website design done in Adobe XD

We design in Adobe XD and submit to our client for revisions.

What is UX ?

User experience design (UX) is the analysis and scientific process that identifies the desired audience and how this audience will interact with your product. We create user personas, user journeys and flows that will help create features for the user.

UX Design user persona
UX-User persona description

What is UI?

User Interface (UI) is a key process after UX design that uses the research done in the UX process and integrates it into the visual design of the web page.

Web Development

The way the webpage becomes functional

In this step, we use the previously created design to make it functional and integrate interactions that will better the experience of the user when scrolling. We introduce components that make the webpage unique whether it be a landing page,  portfolio, a sales page, business website or even a full-blown e-commerce.

‍We build custom e-commerce experiences for your users that present your product in a beautiful, interesting way that also allows them to acquire their next favorite product. We give you the ease of use with the easy input of products.


Webflow is a visual way to code powerful and beautiful webpages

Using webflow for web development
Web Development in Webflow

We use Webflow to develop our designs in a beautiful and functional way. Inputting information and changing words in your web page has never been easier with Webflow’s CMS. It lets you change the information on the web page as well as products in your e-commerce. After we create the web page, we let the client choose if they would like us to input and update the information or if they would like us to provide training.

Using interactions in websites

You can create a more versatile and interesting website by using interactions. More so, with interactions you can create a interactive experience for the client that will help them go through the sales funnel.

And let's not forget that most users see the web through their phones. Animations have to be integrated and enhanced for mobiles.

We continue to use interactions the very same way...


The big difference from our projects is the ease of customization that helps us maintain brand consistency in everything we do.

Perhaps you've seen those templated websites that all look the same and really have no purpose.

If so, you understand why we go for 100% customization.

See our blog on The Power of Brand Strategy to understand the importance of brand consistency.


In 2019, customized and interactive websites are a must. See below, some of our website project.


Thank you for reading until the end.

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