Website Templates: Are they good or bad?

Website Templates: Are they good or bad?

If you are reading this then you are probably on your way to creating a website. Websites have multiple uses and designs. It comes down to two main things, the first one: Who is making the website? Are you doing your website yourself or are you hiring a professional web designer? 🤔

Then depending on your first answer, you will need to determine your budget and ask: are you getting a Custom website or a pre-made template website.

Website creation: Custom vs Template

Both of these questions have pros and cons and there's a lot you have to think about.

What you need to know

If you are building a website by yourself, then you probably could use a template. The reality is that everybody thinks they can do a website by themselves. People don't take into account that you will need good media (photos, illustrations, videos, etc), you will need a LOT of time to build it, you probably have no knowledge of graphic design (color theories, structures, trends, etc), Copywrite, UX user experiences,  UI user interfaces and many other things that will affect how your website can be of used and actually help you with automation, lead magnets, insights and more.

Website Pay for Itself

Honestly, building a website is complicated and you need to know a lot and have a lot of time. Luckily, website templates exist to make life easier for non-designers and business owners such as yourself. There are many options to choose from when it comes to templates. Here are some options that we liked:

For a designer: Template Amal from Squarespace
For an App from Colorib
Template Website for a Photographer from Squarespace

Is it bad to use a website template design?

The downfall of templates is that they are used by many MANY business owners so everyone has the same or similar website and when you've seen enough templates you can quickly know that it's a template.

All businesses are different and if the product or services you offer are complex, then, a template won't be enough to help you graphically and efficiently explain the details. Website templates are normally designed to give the power to business owners but are only designed to fit a broad range of businesses. This ends up making you look like a carbon copy of your competitors, not worst but not better either.

Will a template be enough to start out?

A short answer would be yes. But you have to keep in my that it is by no means specific to your business so when you try and change the pictures, the information on the page, it feels unorganized and out of place even. You also have to be sure that the web design of the template is responsive, meaning that it is made to change depending on if your clients are seeing it on desktop, tablets or mobile.

In summary, What do I need to keep in mind when using a website template?

They are fast to create since you've to put in minimum effort into how your business is presented to others. Keep in mind if it is responsive, maybe the template you selected is static, has no interactions and literally doesn't attract attention.

And I understand, you just want to have an online presence and you don't have any or little to no money to do this. And it's fine to use a template website if that's what you are going for.

But, if you want a professional-looking website that distinguishes you from everyone else and attracts your ideal client then hire a professional website designer.

This is someone who has dedicated many many months on building specific websites to perfection. A designer that needs to know about composition, color, structure, user interface, user experience, interactions, animations and much more.

Custom websites

A custom website is constructed based on your business goals, your target audience and made to help you with tasks. If you can gather a budget, you can hand off all your work and worries to a web designer.

A website designer will craft the best possible option for your website that will make it look impressive. Here are some examples of custom websites:

More than that, automations exist right now where you can create an automated workflow to do your work for you. You can book appointments, send out emails when triggered, create memberships, etc.

You can have a custom workflow build for you where your website does all your daily tasks.

What do most people use?

In our experience working here in El Paso, Texas we saw that most people fall to the convenience of templates. We found a lot of business with zero online presence and still don't know the benefits of having a website. From those that actually have a site, around 80% do use templates, they are easy to catch. They all look extremely similar to their competitors and usually have some commons flaws like bad SEO, not secure, low res media and more. Lastly is the %20 that had used Us or other professional agencies, if a website just pops up in your mind then is because odds are it was professionally made, it spoke by itself and "wow" in some aspect. We hope to increase that percentage here in El Paso and make these brands unforgettable.


Whether you are starting a new business or you already have an established business, your website is the core of your online presence. An extension of your local establishment.

Website templates are good if you have no budget and want a quick-fix but are terrible if you want to build a unique experience for your audience and build credibility.

Thanks for reading, see you next time

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