Websites vs. Social Media: Pros and Cons

While using social media as a content strategy to acquire leads is a great idea, accompanying it with a website can harmoniously pull leads through a sales funnel.


Many confuse the real purpose and functionality of the use of social media in business.

Social medias such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter offer you a way to connect with your audience and update them on your current status or new products.

Pros of Social Media

Nowadays, Facebook and Instagram provide catalogs of your products for your audience to purchase. Turning an eloquent post into a shoppable experience for your customer and revenue for you.

Cons of Social Media

Social media is a standard templated, pre-made page that stores your content and allow you to customize mostly your profile picture and banner.

It only helps you project your  brand surfacely.

What do I mean by this?

Social Media explained: 1st disadvantage

Social media is a current status of what you're doing but doesn't help with brand awareness and if not used correctly, can lead you to losing your identity.

Subsequently, you become a "cliché".

This cliché or "professional" syndrome is better explained by the rebellious marketer and author Allan Dib in his book "The 1-page marketing plan".

He describes how these cliche businesses use a monotone sales copy to lose prospects by having a loss of personality in their brand.

Without a brand personality, consumers will decide on which product to go solely based on price.

The battle of who gives it cheaper ends with many closed businesses due to overhead expenses and lack of cash flow.

Algorithm: 2nd disadvantage

The other con of social media is the new algorithm, especially in Facebook, where established brands and media noise drown your content. Thus, having you constantly pay for your content to be seen.

A brilliant strategy by Facebook, I should add.

And while there are many strategies that can help overcome this, they need to be paired up with a link to your website.


Think of social media as efforts to go out and meet clients. Perhaps you go to entrepreneurial events and give out some business cards with your contact information.

Let's say one of those contacts you and is ready to buy from you.

Will you tell him to wait until the next meeting to talk more?

Or will you quickly set up  an appointment for that person to meet you at your office to go over their needs and your solution?

Which of the two is the smartest?

That's the mindset: Social Media is an event in which you want to bring prospects to your office, your website.

Pros of a website

A website, while may be costly, is an invaluable asset for you to have. Nowadays, nothing exists until it has internet presence.

With this new generations, we are used to utilizing the internet as a tool for discovery.

We search for everything we need and google provides a list of solutions.

If you are not within that list or are not in close proximity to where I go, you don't exist to me.

This is one of the reasons why almost everyone needs a website.

And while budgets can be a limiting factor, investing in your solution is essential.

Your website, to those that don't know about your brand, is the first impression.

So, you need structure and a pleasing visual aesthetic that helps your prospects understand your product or service and the ease when buying.

Failures in websites

If you go right now, purchase a templated website and just change the words and images..

Was it cheap? Yes

Was it quick? Yes

Did it meet your business goals? No

Did you attract clients? Probably not

And did you reach your maximum revenue? Definitely not.

Why? Because you're indistinguishable.

Progress in websites

Websites are like your brand's home, office or world.

This is where all your efforts should point to, your hub. All that social media strategies, marketing efforts, content strategies and even your video content / podcasts-

Should all link to your website.

That is why, a lot of efforts should be put into optimizing it.

So your prospects can go into a sales funnel, understand your product and have an amazing experience while purchasing your solution.


The decision to invest on your website and connecting all your marketing efforts is all yours.

We, here at Bee Hexa Branding LLC, thank you for your interest in making your business more prosperous. We wish you the same and invite you to see our upcoming website launches.

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