What is Webflow? Discover the platform

What is Webflow? Discover Website Building Platform

Design interactive websites with the power to create beautiful visuals.

webflow and bee hexa branding
Bee Hexa Branding's website created in Webflow

Webflow is the hot topic of the web design community. Around the world, designers are acquiring this tool.

Whether you are a graphic designer or you are a business owner, see below the main reasons why this platform works for you.

Created for the visual designer

For many years, visual designers as well as web designers had to depend on a programmer to bring to life a website.

That is no longer a necessity thanks to Webflow.

Webflow allows designers to have the power to both design and program powerful websites.

Impressive Interactions

Not only can you create a beautiful website, but also you can create an interactive experience for your users.

These are some of the interactions you can create with Webflow.

Webflow - Intro to Interactions

Fast Loading

" 47% of your visitors expect your site to load within two seconds, and 40% of them will leave if it takes more than three seconds. Each second of delay decreases customer satisfaction by around 16%, and reduces your sales by 7%. " -Neal O'Grady on Webflow Blog

People only have 3 seconds to decide if they want to view your website or not. That means that if your website takes about that time to load, your website may not be view.

Webflow hosts in one of the fastest hosting services out there. See their article for information and tips and tricks on how to reduce the page load speeds even more.

Information input is easy

No more having to input all your content manually.

Webflow's Content management system (CMS) makes easy to change multiple lines of text at the same time.

webflow CMS Bee Hexa

The perfect tool to create blogs and online magazine.

Shops are an ease to create

While there is still platforms like Shopify, Webflow has only started its e-commerce experience and it has already surpassed in value.

If you have no experience with design, don't want to invest nor learn and just want any shop. Go to Shopify and get a boring old template.

But, if you want to create an experience in which your customers can purchase your products. Then, go to Webflow and be the talk of all.

See this awesome shop created in Webflow.


Create an experience with a your shop

Create the same great experience you have going on on your physical shop on your website. We know your shop is awesome! Your website should be too.

Convert your website into an extension of your shop and start selling products or services.

Wouldn't it be awesome if your customers come into your restaurant and they already know what they want or they've already bought your product?

If you know your next website will be awesome, click here to get started with Webflow.

If you need a professional designer with experience in creating Webflow websites, then click here.

Webflow | Powerful Interactions |Custom Websites

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