Why bars need beautiful photos?

65% of the population comprises of visual learners. -pic-up

In Basics, bars offer a delicious product with a promised experience.

The product can be cocktails, beers or wines. While the experience can be an exciting night or a therapeutic experience for example.

All of these can be represented by beautiful photos.

Product Photography

Have you ever seen a beer photos and you just get thirsty?

That is because product photography is made on purpose to create taste appeal. Create that emotion and reaction that encourages consumers to buy.

Cocktails, beers & wines are best described visually. Using photography for your bar, you can:

  1. Increase the value of your product
  2. Highlight features with closeups
  3. Sell & call customers through social media
75% of people purchased a product because they saw it on Social Media. - Spoutsocial

All these increase:

  1. Bar's Revenue - $$
  2. Brand Awareness - Puts your bar's name out there for locals to talk about.
  3. Product Awareness- Creates awareness about a specific product you offer.

How a bar can use photography

You, as a bar owner, can use photography in:

  1. Your menu
  2. Your website
  3. Printed promotions
  4. Your social media
  5. Art for your location

If you would like to get photos like these for your bar or restaurant

Bar Cocktails-Mai Tai inspired
Bar Cocktails Photography
Bar Cocktails Photography
Bar Cocktails Photography
Bar Cocktails Photography

send us a message or schedule a call.

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