Wix vs Webflow

Wix vs Webflow

Let’s settle this. Our experience with both Wix and Webflow as website builders.

Webflow is the Website Platform for the next generation of business owners. It offers incredible animations, integrations, and interactions. Your designer can set up so that it’s easy to edit all the information and images on the website.

webflow ecommerce for your shop

Wix is a drag & drop website builder for businesses who are starting out and want easy editing. Also, it offers templates that you can use to exchange text and photos quickly.

Wix eCommerce website designer

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As a business in 2020, you have to have an online presence for:

Choosing where to build your business website is essential.

They want to make the right decision when building their #1 Tool that will help their businesses in the present time.

And they are right to do so.

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Website Builder: What to know before starting

Who’s going to create it

  1. A professional web designer
  2. Yourself
  3. Someone you know

If you have a very low budget, we recommend building it yourself or having someone build it.

But, to build a website efficiently you need to know a lot about graphic design, layout, colors, photography, screen responsiveness, animations, and so on.

It is so much that we recommend hiring a professional web designer.

Who’s going to maintain it?

  1. Yourself
  2. Someone you know
  3. Professional Web Designer

If you hired a web designer to design your website, then you can either hire them to maintain it or to set it up so you can maintain it.

Guide to what you should look for in a Website Builder

Ease of use

Obviously, how easy it is to use this builder is an important point because you don’t want to waste type struggling to understand the platform.


Think in a few years when your business scales, does this platform allow room to grow?

Does it look legit and professional enough?

You want a platform that sets you up as an industry leader and can help you grow.


A website builder gives you the power to design your website.

But, how much of a template is it?

How much power to customize does it give you?

You want it to be as customizable as possible so that you can choose how it will look and function.


How many integrations does this allow?

Can you add integrations for memberships, social media feeds, etc.


Price is a big one and it depends on what kind of budget you have for this.

Prices are good but look at the details on what each tier gives. Sometimes is more about what you get.


What is Webflow?

is the Website Platform for the next generation of business owners. It offers incredible animations, integrations, and interactions.


Webflow allows you to have 100% customization when it comes to how the website looks and works.

For a website builder, this is impressive because this tool can compete with actually having your website coded. This is because with Webflow you are coding visually.

The platform has the best Content Management System that allows you to easily add or remove content and create pages that repeat themselves.

Who this is best for?

This is best for the entrepreneur and business owner that wants to stand out and have a website that is really out there.

Webflow: Ease of Use

Webflow does require a bit of training but if you are working with a designer, they can set it up where it’s super easy to use.

This way it will work just as drag and drop as Wix.

Webflow: Growth

Amazing for Growth! Let’s you start off with a foot in front and looking like the industry leader even if you aren’t.

The website grows with your brand and helps you look professional.

Webflow: Customization

Webflow eCommerce for your shop Website Designer

Everything is 100% custom!

Customize your pages to convert.

Webflow: Integrations

It can be integrated with tons of apps natively and can be added with any platform that works with code which is honestly most of the apps out there.

Webflow: Price

On price, it’s an investment but what you get is totally worth it.


What is Wix?

Wix is drag and drop website builder that is currently the most famous platform out there because of its ease of use.

Wix products


The main benefit of Wix is the easy it is and how quickly you can start building.

Who is this for?

This is meant for the business owner that wants to build their website within a few steps.

Wix: Ease of Use

You need almost no knowledge of website building to start off with Wix.

But, knowing about website design, layout, colors, and having amazing professional photography really helps!

Wix: Growth

We feel that the platform is a quick fix but doesn’t help you to look like the industry leader or to grow in the future.

Scaling is quite difficult.

Wix: Customization

Customizing the navbar on mobile or anything else fully is a pain.

You cannot create custom assets, boxes, or change sizes of specific things without knowing Wix code.

This is the main reason why these tools are not good for website designers.

As I personally started my career using this platform, 100% of my clients reached a point where they were wanting to do something the platform couldn’t do, and thus, leaving unsatisfied clients.

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we are in constant growth and have innovative ideas and want to create it.

This platform really limits you.

Wix: Integrations

The integrations you can use are those on the library which many are paid integrations.

Wix: Price

In price, it’s one of the cheapest. If you have a low budget or you are just starting out, this could be a promising platform for you.

In conclusion Wix vs Webflow

Wix is good for low budget and it’s easy to use and to start off. Webflow is for the entrepreneur that wants to start string, impress, and convert customers with many interactions and customizable features.

As a professional website designer, I choose Webflow.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions, send us a message.

See you at the next one!


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