Hey Abraketosis team! We wanted to give you this proposal as a summary of what we can do for you. In case you choose to work with us we can have an in-person meeting to go more in-depth with details. There, we can hear all your concerns, issues and goals that you may have, that way we can offer you more solutions. We are actually clients of yours, we love your pizza and products so we are super excited to work with you. We offer multiple packages with multiple services to fit your needs.

some of the
we can fix

some of theproblemswe can fix

These are some of the operational issues we found with your website:

  1. Web Hosting is not secured, this will make google not trust your site and will affect your Google rank/placement as well as it can be blocked by some antivirus / malware software.
  2. Not able to sell on your own site. We saw you have integrated Square as an eCommerce, but you don't have products on your own site. Square is a good option for people that don't wish to have their own site, this is not your case, the cons of using Square is that you are missing the online traffic to your site. Online traffic helps you with ranking, which in your case locally is good due to lack of competition, but at a broader level as well as once you start to compete you will want to have good SEO on your site. It also affects the user journey, through you own site you can keep showing people information that you want, or other products to increase your sales, this is something that gets lost when you jump from site to site.
  3. You still have editor mock up text that show "to edit, click on the text and add..." which can confuse people as well as not help you showcase the product's description.
  4. You offer a good variety of meals from desserts, pizza, plant based and more, but clients don't know the specific meals you offer and their nutritional info.
  5. Not selling the meal preps, testimonial, vegan programs well.
  6. No digital menu, nor visual menu on location.


Done For You!

Online.Simple.Done For You!

These are some of the solutions we can offer you:

  1. Web Hosting is Secure and fast. We use Amazon servers which will guarantee a good performance.
  2. Sell through your own site. We will incorporate a CMS ( Content management system) which will allow you to put products on your own. It will also have its own dashboard in which you can track the status of your orders. Our eCommerce will also let you show variations for specific meals (ie, chicken w/broccoli $8.99, w/cauliflower $9.99) that accepts credit cards, Apple Pay and PayPal. It also has features like discount codes. The products will also have a nutritional information label on them.
  3. We advise the creation of specific pages or at least sections for your programs, the meal preps could be targeted to fitness people, testimonials for weight loss and vegan for lifestyle.
  4. Having a great menu with key visuals increases sales on average by 30%. We can create your menu as well as flyers and other media to put on your store locations.


of Building your website

the benefitsof Building your website

The benefits of working with us is that we want to see your business succeed and grow! In your case, we would like to see Abraketosis grown into franchises all over the US. Like i mentioned we are also clients of yours so we would like a faster better experience whenever we are ordering food. We are professionals working in the marketing and content creation industry for years, you can rest assured we will give you high quality photos for your products and well crafted graphic design. The website we will give you will be a tool to help you save time and make more money, with easy navigation, clean responsiveness in mobile, tablet and more that we will use it to reach a key audience and fulfill the needs of it. It will be a tool to help educate people on what Keto is and its many benefits. Testimonials would be a key driver in your business as will motivate people to depend on your products. We can definitely use other types of marketing like email marketing to be sure to test out new recipes, we would also like to do a form to have people request recipes and meals to you, basically recommendations. We have a lot of other ideas that we can implement little by little as you keep growing, our goals is to build a long term business relationship with you.

In our higher tiers, one-time sale we offer more things that are beneficial to your business and specially its operations like a brand study and more.

Update #1
NeW information

Update #1NeW information

Hello Abraketosis team, it was a pleasure speaking to you all. We are really glad you liked the design that we showed you, to be honest it will only get better. We showed you a static design, we do plan to put more interactions into the page so everything looks more "alive" this helps a lot with UX (user experience) which basically is a fancy term for how the people that enter your website will feel. We do understand that you are still in talks with another agency, we just want to offer you a few perks that we identified after talking to you. In your case you were interested in the subscription model which includes 3 integrations, you did mentioned that you would like to automate how you see and manage your orders, this is definitely something we can do with the integration Zapier, and since you will need an ecommerce to sell, this would be the 2nd integration. But you still have the option for a 3rd integration, what we can do is exchange that for another of our services. You also mentioned getting graphic design from us, what we can do is instead of giving you a 3rd integrategration we can give you a menu, a window banner design, a fridge graphic design, as we talked and a bonus of a flyer for your meal prep program and set you up with a free mailchimp account to start you up with email marketing which will help you push new products, discounts and more which we will not run but will provide you training and guidance on how to use this. We hope this helps you balance out some of what you had to spend so far on the other agencies.

Update #2
NeW information

Update #2NeW information

Hello Abraketosis, after speaking with my team this are the options that we came up with: 

Option #1

We can give you the design file and the copyrights for it for $750. We include this in the one-time payment package which starts from 3.5k - 5k. Usually our designs sell anywhere from 500 to 1.5k. If we were to do this we can give you the following page designs: Home (the one we showed you), Menu (see all the overall products), Product page (What you see when you click the product), what is keto (short explaining for SEO as well as a mini food guide), chef (about you). We honestly can only work as a graphic designer for the web design file, we cannot be responsible for features because we do not know the limits the other agency may have. Features like interactions, cms, zapier automation and more are features that are really rare in web development companies, the reason why we are able to do it is because as a branding agency we focus more on the business aspect which then gives you a website with functionalities not just aesthetics. We do not know if the other agency is coding or using a template this could also result in them not being able to achieve our design. We can give you an XD file with pages as well as a rough export of the asset in it and with that we would complete the service. 

Option #2

This option is what we offered you on the 1st update. We are honestly trying to help you out and offset some of the money you already spent on the other agency. This is why we are offering as part of our subscription an exchange for services that you will still need moving forward. This a breakdown of what we charge on average for those services: Menu $125 (without our photography), banner design $100 x3 (window x2 and fridge) total $300, Flyer $100 and the set up and training for mailchimp which is something we offer at $75. Additionally, we can include a custom design for pizza boxes for $100. We can manage the printing process and deliver these products to you. The printed materials prices do not include the actual printing costs. This offer would save you a total of $550 of design services which we are including into our monthly website plans as well as save you tons of time when it comes to dealing with print shops. We like to be a one stop shop for our clients.

Update #3
NeW information

Update #3NeW information

Hello, so we did our research, this is what we found out. We have 2 options, both have pros and cons. Once you read them let us know what you think.

Option #1

Keep Square with Foxycart. The pros are that we can use Foxycart integration which will allow us to keep square as a payment processing system. The cons with this is that we would lose the ability to automate the log and admin management of your orders. As we mentioned we use Zapier for this type of task, square and foxy are lacking zapier support. We can log overall transactions but not actual orders so it won't help you in the way we intended to do. 

Option #2

Webflow Native Ecommerce. With this we can do everything we spoke, from the automation, dashboard, etc. The cons with this platform are that it is basically married to stripe, we tried to work around to do the processing through square using this specific ecommerce but in all instances it failed. 

In summary, we can keep square but we would lose automation or we can use automation but we would lose square. Let us know if you wish to start with us, we understand you had bad experiences with agencies which is why we can do an exception on the way we charge. This is what we can offer you, we get 50% deposit now and when we are halfway through the process we get the other 50%. We honestly work only in projects that are already paid, the best we can do as a token of trust is start the job with only half of the full amount, show you when we are halfway done and then complete the payment to proceed.  If this sounds good to you let us know, we will send you a proposal through email where you can read all of the terms, conditions and details of our services as well as submit the payment.

Who we are!

We are a Branding Agency that focus in creating functional websites.

A Branding agency uses data and studies to then create custom assets and operational strategies for your business. Those strategies are implemented in a custom made website that serves a functionality not just aesthetics.

Innovation is something we are always striving for, we always look on how to make your business better.

We also offer many different services as photography, graphic design, advertising and more.

Meet Webflow

The platform we use is Webflow. The reason is simple, is their CMS (content management system). The CMS basically is a basic editor that allows our clients (in this case you) to add stuff to your website without needing technical knowledge. When we design the pages we already link fields to the CMS, that way when you create, delete or change anything inside the CMS collection it will automatically alter the website. This works great for Blogs, Profiles, Products, Schedules, etc and basic Information in text fields. We believe in giving the power and access to the client.

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After the website is build, editing is super easy using the Webflow's Content Management System.

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Build a highly scalable, powerful and stylish shop. Send automated e-mails to your customer.

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Experience unbelievable interactions that make not just a website but an experience.

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Get amazed with the new web animations in the market - Lottie. Attract & amaze!

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Whether you need a blog, automation, quotes, e-mail marketing & more.

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Amazon Web Services

Fast upload "Built to scale- on the same network as Netflix, Pinterest, Airbnb, Slack and Adobe" -Webflow

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Website Subscription
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One-Time Payment
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