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Hello there! After talking to you we did a custom proposal. It will focus more on building up your site and a good base for your brand. We are excited to work with you, what we have in mind for the brand is really creative.

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Proposal #1 $7K


The website will allow you to start building your brand. You already mentioned you liked what we did for Robo Gato which is a similar brand. We were thinking about building something like it. The website will use your branding colors and the theme will be a cybernetic-like interface. We added a Blog system to help you with SEO, which is basically google's ranking. A complete ecommerce design (menu of all products, product page, check out) and About to give people and brand information about you as well as means to contact you and to link out social media; And lastly a simple Terms and conditions page which is needed for businesses yours.

We will also integrate Shippo, which will allow you to print labels in your own office and/or home, saving you time with sending products.

Basic SEO. We build your page SEO-friendly from launch. With this your page should land on the 5-10 page in Google, of course this is just a great starting of base. You will want to reach the number 1 page, which is why we give you a blog system, depending on the quality of your blogs and marketing you could reach 1st - 2nd page within a year depending on your competition.

A Content Management System, which is a simple way for you to add, delete and/or edit content in your site. This is great to do fast edit or add blogs and products easily. We will provide training on how to use it.

  • Pages: Home | Blog 2-3 | eCommerce 4-5-6 | About 7 | Terms and Conditions page 8
  • Total of Pages: 8
  • eCommerce Integration
  • Shippo Integration for Label printing Set Up
  • Domain (.com)
  • Includes Basic SEO
  • Content Management System
  • CMS Training Videos


Basic SEO

Keyword Research (3 common words), In page optimization, Alt Text in Images,

Branding Study Basic

A branding study is research and counseling in aspects such as you brand, your audience, your market, your competition and more. It is divided into 3 main parts which work together to let you know what you are doing right, what you are doing wrong, how to fix these issues and how make your brand successful.  Competitors basic information presentation with visual strategies and engagement numbers.


We will look into your competition. 3 Direct competitors basic information (Main pages and Social numbers)


1 Basic audience persona, Brand Style Guide (colors and fonts)

Strategic Plan

6 month of plan derived from the information above.

Content Marketing

Social Media Setup and/or Optimization

Facebook Page and Instagram Business Profile

Shoppable Setup

Facebook Page and Instagram Business Profile

Social Media Management

2 Social Media Post per week and 1-2 Stories to instagram

Blog (Copy - SEO - Art)

4 blogs per month for the first 3 months and 2 per month for the last 3 months. total 18

Email Marketing

Mailchimp Set up and 1 email per month

Graphic Design

Business Card Design,Sticker Design, Package Design,

Update #2
NeW information

Update #2NeW information

Update #3
NeW information

Update #3NeW information

Who we are!

We are a Branding Agency that focus in creating functional websites.

A Branding agency uses data and studies to then create custom assets and operational strategies for your business. Those strategies are implemented in a custom made website that serves a functionality not just aesthetics.

Innovation is something we are always striving for, we always look on how to make your business better.

We also offer many different services as photography, graphic design, advertising and more.

Meet Webflow

The platform we use is Webflow. The reason is simple, is their CMS (content management system). The CMS basically is a basic editor that allows our clients (in this case you) to add stuff to your website without needing technical knowledge. When we design the pages we already link fields to the CMS, that way when you create, delete or change anything inside the CMS collection it will automatically alter the website. This works great for Blogs, Profiles, Products, Schedules, etc and basic Information in text fields. We believe in giving the power and access to the client.

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After the website is build, editing is super easy using the Webflow's Content Management System.

Icon Checkout Cart


Build a highly scalable, powerful and stylish shop. Send automated e-mails to your customer.

Icon Interactions


Experience unbelievable interactions that make not just a website but an experience.

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Get amazed with the new web animations in the market - Lottie. Attract & amaze!

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Whether you need a blog, automation, quotes, e-mail marketing & more.

Icon Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Fast upload "Built to scale- on the same network as Netflix, Pinterest, Airbnb, Slack and Adobe" -Webflow

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Website Subscription
Website Subscription
One-Time Payment
One-Time Payment
Landing Page
+ $300 Set Up Fee
1 Page
1 Integration: Light
Let's Starthello@beehexabranding.com
Start Up Website
+ $500 Set Up Fee
3 Pages
2 Integrations: Medium or Lower
Let's Starthello@beehexabranding.com
Established Business Website
+ $750 Set Up Fee
5 Pages
1 Integration: Heavy
2 Integrations: Medium or Lower
Automation Through Zapier Available
Let's Starthello@beehexabranding.com
Landing Page
$ 1000
One time payment
1 Page
1 Light Integration
Let's Starthello@beehexabranding.com
Start Up Website
$ 3500
One time payment
2-4 Pages
2 Integrations
Automation Through Zapier Available
Let's Starthello@beehexabranding.com
Established Business Website
$ 5000
One time payment
5-8 Pages
1 Heavy Integration
As needed Integrations
Automation Through Zapier Available
Let's Starthello@beehexabranding.com
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