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Robo Gato


Hello Robo Gato! Like we talked, we know the situation happening right now it's really hard on all business owners, especially those that had to cease operations and have no other ways of continuing doing business. We wanted to help by giving you a way to sell online. We started building the base for a custom website with custom designs for your use. You would be able to get paid though the site and then ship or have a pick up option for the items. You would be able to add and remove items really easily through the CMS (explained below). Right now you could also start using the “gift card strategy” this way you can receive income from your clients to be used later on. The priority right now is making sure you can keep the income coming and later on we could discuss more ways we can help you. Our proposal is the rent of the website which is a Landing page / ecommerce hybrid for $100 monthly for 2 months. If you are interested read below for some basic information and then contact us to go through the details.

2 Months

Overview of you:

This are some of the problems that we found you may be facing as well and some benefits of using our proposal.


The main issue is lack of means for online selling and also with quick overlook we noticed that through google search results we can only find a direct link to you through google business. We use a few different phrases but with the same results which means a lack of SEO (search engine optimization) on your platforms. Clients are unable to see what to expect from your store unless they go there personally. We saw that you have good relationships with your clients, which is really good, the issue would be with people that don't already know you or your business. You also later on use branding strategies with your social media post.


We would help you with Basic SEO so your website can start ranking. The system we use already comes with great technical features like security certificates, fast servers, easy hosting and many more. We can help you plan out strategies to either sell more items or later on increase revenue through your site. Like we wrote above, the priority right now is on selling whatever you have in inventory, if later on you will keep running the store we can surely help you more.

What platform we use?

The platform we use is Webflow. The reason is simple, is their CMS (content management system). The CMS basically is a basic editor that allows our clients (in this case you) to add stuff to your website without needing technical knowledge. When we design the pages we already link fields to the CMS, that way when you create, delete or change anything inside the CMS collection it will automatically alter the website. This works great for Blogs, Profiles, Products, Schedules, etc and basic Information in text fields. We believe in giving the power and access to the client.

Why us?

We are a Branding Agency that focus in creating functional website. A Branding agency uses data and studies to then create custom assets and operational strategies for your business. Those strategies are implemented in a custom made website that serves a functionality not just aesthetics. We are always a call or an email away. Innovation is something we are always striving for, we always look on how to make your business better. We also offer many different services as photography, graphic design, advertising and more.

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