All about Bee Hexa Branding, your new partner

We are a full service Digital Marketing Agency In CT!

We empower you to make the next move in your business with great business branding, a new website and strategic content! All the way from the idea, logo, photography, web design and advertising! We are committed to giving businesses the needed competitive edge by enhancing their brand to reach their goals.
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Our Mission !

We know every business will be successful with the right branding. That is why we strive to make every business unforgettable by providing the structure, functionality and aesthetic. We want to be part of your success!

Our vision !

To give businesses the needed competitive edge by enhancing their brand to reach their goals.

About owners !

We created Bee Hexa Branding after noticing a common obstacle in a lot of businesses.

In every city reside Great Businesses, a gem only locals know.

They serve amazing products or services, but no one knows about them. Bee Hexa Branding helps businesses become recognizable brands.

From neighborhood to city, from city to state, so that they can move from being A place to being THE place!
Portrait of Ivanska Carrillo Co-Founder of Bee Hexa Branding
Ivanska is our Lead Designer and with over 6 years of graphic design experience, she can design it all. She enjoys a good cup of coffee and a great chat.
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Portrait of Andres Rivera Co-Founder of Bee Hexa Branding
Andres is a business guided, creative and strategic man, all at the same time. His incline nature to perfection helps him solve any problem while creating the most accurate business solution.
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our team !

Our team are designers, developers, strategists and photographers. We are a team composed of many different kinds of people, from artists to business people. The main thing we have in common is the great passion that we put in everything we do!

Our HEadquarters Location!

We are located in West Hartford, CT
Most of our team works remotely, so you can rest easy knowing that we will always be able to serve your needs, no matter from where.
Call Us at:
(860) 249-8884

We work remote to the world!

We have clients all over the globe!
We work with business owners all over the United States and have been able to this for years even when part our team was serving the country overseas.

This actually allow us to communicate with you more often and efficiently by using online video services. We can share the progress of your projects visually without taking much of your time.

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Why US!

We give you strategic assets

Strategy has never looked this good. Most companies focus on either aesthetics or functionality, we give you both. We focus on giving aesthetics that communicate your brand’s message while using research to develop strategic functions to help your business. 

We do it for you!

Don't waste hours of your precious time you could be using to actually grow your business and your brand.


You could find someone out there to do these services for you but will you be assured that follows your business goals? All our work is derived from strategy. We don't just do design, we do design that works.

We are experts

Finding people who are actually experts on specific skills is really hard. We are all specialists in our field.

We get to know your brand

We spend time getting to know your business as well as your vision for your brand. We know your brand and who it's for. We know how to seamlessly represent it visually.

Focus on your business

By allowing us to help you, you can take a step back from the little details and just focus all your energy on what you love to do - Your business.

Highly Responsive

We are always available to our clients. We know how critical our work can be towards your business. We are always available to answer any questions and help.

Our Process

Book A Virtual Meeting:

First, we will do a virtual meeting. We will go over your business and its needs. We will identify what we can do for you before doing a more in depth research. You will get to ask any questions that you have about us, our services and how we will help you.

Proposal Meeting:

We will schedule a second virtual meeting to go over any information we found and give you the details of the proposal. In that proposal you will see the timeline, terms, payment and more. We agree on the terms and then we will send you a proposal via email for you to sign and you make the best decision of your life.

We get to work:

We start working on project ASAP, the timeline will be in the agreement and we keep communication back and forth till we complete your project. Your business will be more successful than you ever imagined.

Book a Virtual Meeting