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What your client
What your client
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Branding is the art + science of changing what your audience thinks about your business. You can change their perspective by creating a brand that connects with your target audience and delivers the message that your product or services are for them.

Creating visuals that explain who your business is, who it is for and how its value will help you change the perception of your brand.

Take control of how your audience sees you!

Let BEE HEXA guide you there
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One Single Team

Work with one single team throughout all your graphics, website and marketing needs.

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Certified Team

We are certified in most of the tools we use such as Webflow, SEMrush, Shopify & more.

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Budget Friendly Team

We work with your budget to continue delivering what you need to grow your brand.

Deliver the right MESSAGE

The wrong message to the wrong audience might be bringing your business down. This is why many businesses especially in the top, invest in researching their audience, getting to know them and crafting the perfect message that evokes feelings and creates action.

Messaging in your brand is not only displayed in words but also in your visuals, your photos and videos. That's why branding and your brand messaging are essential when creating a business and its marketing.

Say the right message to the right audience and you'll see it work.

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More than just a logo...your business' overall aesthetic and how it's perceived. Meet your target audience, competitors & your perfect strategy through extensive research. Use that research to create your visuals, your identity such as logo, marketing and printed media.

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The best way to have clarity of what you can do in your business is by knowing what you've already done. Take a deep dive into what your brand is.

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Not sure what to do to grow your business? Let us strategize how we will get you there through weekly goals and milestones. Get expert broken down advice on what steps are next.

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Consumer Analysis

If your marketing efforts aren't reaching your audience, then you need to learn who your audience is. Get to know your audience's age, demographics, psychographics, frustrations & more.

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Represent your brandVISUALLY

After having your brand created, you want to represent your brand in a visual way by creating your logo. Your company's logo is the smallest representation of your brand and is often one of the hardest assets for you to design.

Now you have to deliver your brand's message through visuals such as graphics, illustrations, business cards, flyers and all other.

You want your business to look professional and on brand so that it attracts your ideal client. Use the right visuals!

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Represent your brand visually!
From your logo, business cards to flyers. Engage and captivate your audience with beautiful designs. Your audience will connect with your brand.

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Thumbnail Website Designed with colors and vectors
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Web Design

Transform your website into a beautiful, sleek and modern look that both captivates your audience and is on brand.

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Thumbnail Logo Stylesheet with logo colors, fonts and more

Logo Design

Get a stunning logo that represents your company ready for your future plans. Have a logo that is ready for social media, digital and print.

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Thumbnail Business Card Design for services

Business Card Design

Look professional the next time you meet your next client with our beautifully designed business cards.

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Your online hub, your#1 seller

After you've created your business, your brand & your visuals, it is time to create your #1 seller, your website.

Many take this task lightly but in all honesty that's a mistake! Your website is where all your efforts go to - where you should send your audience to purchase your product or services.

Your website should be appealing, simple to use and on brand. It should also tell your story and lead visitors to make a purchase.

A great website can be your #1 employee!

Portrait of Bee Hexa Branding Owners


Let us take care of you website needs, management, design, development, marketing and more. Your website is your brand's seller, advocate & converter. Break out of that limiting template and get a captivating, modern website that sells and takes care of tasks from you.

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Thumbnail Website Development Design displayed in a computer and mobile

Website Development

Transform your web design into a beautiful branded live online page. Make your website take care of your daily tasks.

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Thumbnail Website Audit with Checklist

Website Audit

Let professionals take a look into your website and its backstage composition. You will get a report giving you vital information that will help you improve your site.

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A website is just the first step, the second is getting eyes and online traffic to it. Allow your customers and prospect to find you on their own.

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