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Custom business card design

Your business card is your presentation card

Business cards seem minimal for some. For you, this is your opportunity to shine above the competition. You want an intricate, stunning business card design that shows your creative flair as well as your uniqueness.


<span-golden>Is your generic bland business card dragging you down?<span-golden>

Have you ever been to an event and wanted to leave your business information? With a personalized business card, you can always leave that little reminder that your business exists and it’s worth visiting either in person or online.

Don’t settle for the boring design template that everyone in business has. I’m sure you’ve seen it! It’s a piece of fragile paper that has the logo in front and the same layout in the back. 

Get a bit more creative with stunning quality business cards where the card itself talks to your target audience. 

Main Benefits of having a Business Card

Setting yourself apart from your competitors during a meeting or an event can be easily done with a beautifully designed business card. Make it what you want it to be!

Business Card of Flatteur

A lasting first impression

You’ve probably received many business cards but you only remember the card that caught your eye. That can be your card during events. Impress with slick finishes such as gold detailing, silver foil, and more.

Offer versatility

It is like your canvas that’ll be what you want it to be. From a way to distribute your contact information to a message, it can be whatever you want it to be. Display your message efficiently.


A lot of us are now getting bombarded by emails and in this era, something tangible that you can look at can be the difference between getting a new client or not.

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Check out our beautifully crafted business card designs that make our clients impress the correct way.

Service Pricing

Don’t be boring and use the standard design for your card. Show why your business is different and show the benefits of your business filled with the right information.

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<span-golden>Ready to Print<span-golden>

You’ll receive one final business card design in a .pdf or .png format ready to print which you can take to your printer of choice or get our recommendation for a business card online printer. This service doesn’t include business card printing. It includes a design ready for full color printing which you can take to your printer of preference. We have a list of trusted third-party printers which we can set up for an additional processing fee. Let us know if this is something you would be interested in.

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We create the business card design using your existing business branding to give you a tailored card. If provided to us, we can include a barcode, a loyalty card, or a QR Code. A good card design both impress with design, shares your contact information, and shares a perspective view into your business by following its branding.

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<span-golden>Guided Process<span-golden>

We’ll guide you through the process at a minimum, your business card should include your logo, your name, and how to reach you or learn more about you. This can be done by including your website link or social media channels. You can also design your card to fit a standard card size as well as get a bit creative with square cards or mini cards. Mold these to your needs.

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<span-golden>Quick Turnaround<span-golden>

If you have all the necessary assets like logo, photos, etc., then you can expect to get the first set of samples/sketches within 48 hours during workdays. If you don’t have a logo, check out our logo design services.

Does your business <span-golden>need<span-golden> a Business Card Design?

A business card is a great way to share your business information with possible customers. You need a business card to be able to quickly share information about your business. Make a lasting impression...

Why you should design your business cards with us?

We gather knowledge from your business to know exactly what you need to put in your business cards. We’ll help you use your business cards to talk to the right people. You’ll have a business card design that you’ll love. We also design minding different shapes, different finishes, effects, quality, and more. We give you custom designs tailored to you. We can give you an eye-catching design ready to be printed using modern finishes like spot UV, gold foil, silver foil, gloss, and many more.