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Custom Website Design and Management Services

Custom Website for your unique brand

Don't just get a cookie-cutter website that doesn't work! Get a tailored made website that both accomplished your revenue goals and talks to your audience. Selling starts with having an easy purchase process. With a website, you can take your visitors from learning about your offer to closing business right there.

Illustration of web designer creating a website in a computer

Benefits of Web design services for Small Business

You probably started with a template because you know- it was easy. But, you didn't think of what happens when your business grows and needs to stand against giants. But, you know what, your business website matters. Your website can be your headquarters, your virtual employee, and your 24/7 salesman all at once.

Computer and mobile showing website designs

Virtual Headquarters

Your website should be your online home. The main engine of your operations. The last place your audience reaches when doing business with you is where they go to purchase your products or book your services.

Virtual Employee

Your website should work for you. It should be your trusty 24/7 employee. A good website will do tasks that take work off your shoulders and are a lot cheaper than hiring an actual employee. Use your website in strategic ways such as to convince your audience that your offer is the best and that it will change their life.

Get Found Online

Potential clients should be able to find you in ways other than being in front of your physical store. A good website is prime online real estate. A good website pulls visitors when they are searching online for your services. Unlike social media, a website is there to get found through keywords.

Portrait of Bee Hexa Branding Owner Ivanska Carrillo

You probably lack design knowledge and time

A lot of small business owners try to do their own website design and development, but they quickly realize that it's a lot harder than they thought. They don't have the design knowledge or the technical website building knowledge, and they don't have the time to be able to create a great website.

A website needs to be well built

Not only is it hard to do your own website design and development, but it's also risky. You could end up with a website that doesn't look very good, or that doesn't function very well. You will likely ignore components like search engine optimization, media optimization, link health, page speed, breakpoint, responsiveness, and more. You can try to learn this on your own, but it will take a lot of time just to understand one of the many parts that most DIY websites miss.

Let experts help you

We already spent years understanding and learning what makes a website beautiful and what makes it functional. We offer high quality custom websites focused on their branding so we can display how unique our customer's businesses are. We have years of experience in web design and website development. We know how to create beautiful, functional websites that will help your business grow.

The Services you need!

Website Design

Website design of 2 brands done in adobe xd

Sleek, modern and creative layouts! We provide website designs that are fully custom to your business brand. We'll work together through layouts, colors and mobile adaptation to create the website of your dreams. Why settle for a stale website template look when you can have an impressive design. We guide you from design to development whether you want to develop it with us or another team.

Website design of 2 brands done in adobe xd

Webflow Website Development

Computer and mobile showing a Webflow Website

We build custom websites and we build them on Webflow. Webflow is a new tool that is leading the new trends and technology of website development. Its customer management system (CMS) is top tier, it has clean code and its interactions are award winning. It allows designers to have full control of how the website looks and functions. It allows developers to put code to do the rest.

Computer and mobile showing a Webflow Website

Website Audit

Website with a website audit checklist

We are experts at creating functional websites, we know every aspect that sets the difference between a plain waste of money and a virtual headquarter. A website is a visual construction created of a digital blueprint that sadly most people build wrong. It can have broken parts, broken links, slow, mobile unresponsive, wrong tags, bad copywrite, does not represent your brand and more! This affects your business greatly, it makes Google rank you lower and makes customers go to your competitors. Let us evaluate the blueprint of your site and recommend to you how to fix them.

Website with a website audit checklist

What our website services will do for you!

Get a modern-looking website that works for you. We will represent your brand correctly and give you the tools you need to take care of tasks for you. You can rest assured that you website will have great ranking potential from the beginning, and you will have a solid foundation to build a great online presence.


In this era, a business is not seen as real unless it has a website. Use this opportunity as a way to create credibility. Use it to create trust.


Imagine a website that tells you this amazing story, talks to this current problem you're having, and seamlessly provides the solution to all your headaches. That's what our websites do for you.

Look like a pro

Have a website that matches your business, you and lets your audience know that you are the leader in your industry. Don't settle for less when it comes to hiring a website management company.

Sell on your website

Sell your products or services straight on your website. Customers can quickly purchase them without having to go anywhere. The easier it is, the more purchases you'll get.

Drive Traffic

Our websites are built the correct way to make sure that your audience finds you. These visitors are already looking for what you're offering, all you need to do is rank well.


Hate copy pasting things and having to do everything manually? Well, us too! That's why we create websites that automate the menial tasks so you can focus on what matter

Here is your new Web Management team

We are a web design company that also provides web development and website management services in different packages. This means that you are getting a team that will be there with you every step of the way from planning to starting and managing the website.

We have experts that work great with you and work hard to provide you with the best website for your business. We start with getting to know your business and what you do so that we can plan strategically for the pages you should have as well as the features your website should have. Afterward, we will see how your brand is represented visually by seeing your logo, graphics, and any colors that you use so that they can be used on the website.

Portrait of Bee Hexa Branding Owners

We offer a wide variety of options when it comes to website design to include different styles and animations. Even though our favorite website development platform is Webflow, we also offer our websites built in other specific platforms to bring you more options. 
I encourage you to look at our blog, the many blog articles we’ve written about websites and if you have any questions, you can reach out to us.