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Affordable Local SEO services

Get found locally and be a local Titan!

Local SEO gives you a competitive edge in your area. You want your business to be ranked and appear higher in Google search and Google maps results. We will help you improve your website authority and Google my Business performance.

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Is your business <span-golden>not listed<span-golden> or <span-golden>not appearing<span-golden> locally on <span-golden>Google<span-golden> search?

Your business is either not in Google My Business (GMB) or it is set up incorrectly. There are a lot of technical aspects you need to know in order to be able to set up a Google local listing that brings good results that result in traffic and conversion from your Google My Business account. 

You cannot afford to not have local SEO as part of your digital marketing efforts. In this new era where people search for everything online, you need to establish a presence. Not doing so means that your competitors will get the customers you deserve.

Your service or product can be the best, but if local customers cannot find you then it does not matter.

The Benefits of <span-golden>Good Affordable Local SEO Services<span-golden>

Make your local business appear and rank in the local search results when clients are looking for your products or services. Good local Search Engine Optimization ensures you are a competitive force in the local market.

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Prime local online presence

You will be able to increase your business brand awareness and overall visibility. Small businesses need to be able to develop their branding if they want to scale and compete in their industry markets. 

Get in front of people Near you

Most people search online before choosing to go out, request a service, buy a product. For local services, this is truly essential, since most people are looking for someone near them to fulfill their needs. 

Be a trustworthy authority

If you aren’t online, the majority of the population will not know you exist. If they cannot find anything about your business they will not trust you. By having a well-built Google My Business page you will be able to show you can be trusted, especially if you gather good reviews that will help convince your prospective customers.

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Hear how our Local SEO services helped our clients have great local online performance.

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Service Pricing

Invest in a Good Affordable Local SEO Campaign. Our campaigns are meant to give you a long-term return on investment. We focused mainly on Google My Business since it is the lead tool that covers 90% of the internet’s traffic. This service is a campaign of 6 months minimum.

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<golden-span>Google My Business Page Creation<golden-span>

Creating a Google My Business business profile can be confusing when you do it on your own, but don’t worry we do this a lot. We will ensure you don’t get into the usual pitfalls that can get your listing ignored, suspended, or deleted. We will make sure to create a listing in accordance with Google’s guidance. 

We can help you claim your business listing and/or guide you through the verification process. It doesn’t matter if you are a business with a brick-and-mortar location or a home business that provides services in specific services areas, we can help you.

Local SEO GMB Optimization Profile on Mobile

<golden-span>Google My Business Page Optimization<golden-span>

We will choose the right business category that fits your brand. You can utilize the listing more efficiently by posting your products or letting consumers schedule appointments using as a starting point towards your booking integration. 

We will also help you craft a well-thought-out, engaging, keyword-rich business description. It will describe your business and your brand correctly and efficiently. Knowing the correct words and phrasing your prospective customers use is key to be able to get in front of them.

We will also work in your FAQ section, Services, products and improve the chances of getting your social media links displayed in your GMB.

Local SEO GMB Post Offer

<golden-span>Google My Business Post Creation<golden-span>

Let us create the posts that you need to be able to appear on search engines. Posts are a good way to reach your local target audience. 

We can help you craft great posts to showcase your special offers that will drive traffic to your website and finish the sale. We can create a post about what’s new with your business and updates of milestones or information you want your customers to see. We can also create posts about events you will be hosting.

Local SEO Name, Address, Phone number consistency illustration

<golden-span>Google My Business Management<golden-span>

We will keep your information correct and up to date. It is crucial that your address, phone number, and website are correct for both Google’s good side and customers that are trying to do business with you.

We will assist you with ways in how to get reviews for your business, as well as being able to communicate with your customers.

Local SEO Citations logos of yelp, facebook, gmb

<golden-span>Local Citations<golden-span>

Citations are a must-needed part of an aspect in overall SEO which is known as link building. Google likes to see that your website is receiving good signals from other sites, this is especially needed for local SEO which depends on social media profiles and local online directories. Being able to have consistency throughout the web shows your legitimacy and authority.

Local SEO Audit Checklist Illustration

<golden-span>Local SEO Audit<golden-span>

We will run audits to ensure that your business information is correctly displayed across to web and giving the right signal to Google. In those audits, we will be able to identify a few websites that you should have a backlink from or that could drive traffic to your GMB listing.

Do you <span-golden>need<span-golden> Local SEO Services?

Every business can take advantage of having a local presence. Even if your business is online-based, like a designer, consulting, eCommerce, artist, etc, it will help you a lot to start building brand awareness locally. 

If you are a business dedicated to providing products or services locally, like a dentist, contractor, shop, restaurant, etc, then you MUST build local SEO, the amount of business you are missing out without it is life-changing. SEO is a cost-effective strategy since its effect is long-lasting.

Why <span-golden>Chose us<span-golden> for your local SEO Needs?

Unlike most marketing agencies, our biggest advantage is that we are certified professionals that will deploy an educated local SEO strategy. We also understand that most SEO companies tend to not be able to let clients know what they did for them, in our case we take the extra time to do video reports to show the progress of the SEO campaign. 

This way you don’t have to imagine what happened, you will be able to see the progress and the factors that made your business local SEO increase. In this report, we also give tips on what other things you could do to improve your overall digital marketing efforts.

This service is <span-golden>best<span-golden> for…

Local SEO is best for small business owners that want to reach more potential customers and bring them to their local businesses. As mentioned, it also helps online services because it gives them a way to establish a pin where locals looking for their offer to notice them instead of an international brand.