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Google My Business Optimization Service

Start improving your local SEO game.

Get professionals to do the necessary work to improve your GMB ranking in local search results.

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Is your GMB <span-golden>not appearing<span-golden> or <span-golden>not working<span-golden> as your competitors?

A GMB profile is essential when you want to do well in local Google Search. It is simple to set up, but without digital marketing skills, you probably underutilizing it.

Benefits of an optimized GMB business profile

All small businesses need to position themselves in a way that they can maximize their brand awareness and exposure to potential customers.

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Improve Local SEO

Improving your GMB indirectly helps with other search engines. Some of the ranking factors for GMB apply across the internet, therefore it will also have an impact in Organic ranking and Google’s competitors.

Appear on Google Maps

One of the greatest GMB features is the ability to show your business to people in your proximity that are looking for your products and services. The “Google Map Pack” is a highly competitive spot, at the top of search results. This allows local businesses to compete with business enterprises that are more likely to rank in organic search.

Promote your business

GMB allows you to set up and use Google Ads, which will increase your business local visibility even more. It also has social media features like google posts which allow you to reach your audience by creating posts, offers, updates and events.

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Service Pricing

Pay for quality copywrite and knowledge of local keyword research. We will do independent research to ensure high quality in all the factors in which we optimize your GMB listing. 

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<golden-span>GMB Basic Information<golden-span>

Your basic details will build a solid foundation to improve your local performance. You also have to be mindful of Google’s guidelines and specifications. We will make sure your basic information such as name, address, phone number, website, business category and more are accurate.

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<golden-span>Keyword Rich Descriptions<golden-span>

Describe with intent when optimizing your Google my business descriptions. They need to be written in a way that makes your profile accessible to clients. In order to have good descriptions you need to be able to understand the way your clients searches for your products or services.

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<golden-span>Content Management<golden-span>

Set up your photos in their correct category to improve their reach. Make sure to have available frequently asked questions for your customers. Get guidance in how to manage your Google reviews and how to get more.

<span-golden>Why choose us for your optimization needs?<span-golden>

We are a team of SEO-certified professionals. You can rest assured that we will spend the time to do a thoughtful keyword analysis to craft beautiful and useful content. We will also give you a few pointers for you to continue improving your GMB.

<span-golden>This service is best for...<span-golden>

A small business owner that is looking into GMB optimization services because you want to improve your GMB listing without having to commit to an SEO campaign.