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Thorough Brand audit services to fix your brand

Get expert advice on your brand's effectiveness

A brand audit will evaluate and define all the areas of your brand from the visuals like the colors, logo to the foundation such as mission and value proposition. An audit will help you know your brand and where to go next

<golden-span>Bad branding will hurt your business<golden-span>

Are you not attracting clients, attracting the wrong ones, or are the old ones leaving you? Are your competitors outperforming you even when your business offers better services or products? 

This is because you may not be displaying your brand correctly. Representing your business in a bad light will hurt your pockets and opportunities. You need to research what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. 

Let us help you conduct a brand audit to improve your brand’s perception and performance. Make your target audience keep coming back to you.

Main benefits of a brand audit

Know your brand’s strengths and weaknesses so you can create a growth plan. Getting an expert’s perspective is a valuable way to bring awareness to issues that need to be addressed.

Recognize your Brand’s strengths

Being able to identify what you are doing right is important to know. You will know what aspects you need to sustain and if possible, improve them. There are many things you might be excelling at and don’t even know. Keep your audience choosing you.

Recognize your Brand’s weaknesses

Being able to identify what you are doing wrong is important to know. You will know what aspects you need to fix, change, or get rid of. There are many things you might be lacking and don’t even know. Keep your audience from going to your competitors.

Get some direction to make your Brand Grow

Knowing is the first step to restructuring. We will give you a list of suggestions for you to take. Growing your brand is the most important factor for us and it should also be yours.

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Hear the benefit of having an expert that evaluates your brand with each brand audit example. How our audits changed business owners’ perspectives of themselves and set a path for growth.

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Service Pricing

The price of an expert's eye. Stop overestimating or underestimating your brand. An expert’s opinion on your business is getting a second view from an educated, informed pair of eyes. Invest in the clarity you need to grow to increase your brand awareness correctly..

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Does your business <golden-span>need<golden-span> Brand Audit services?

Performing a brand audit can be done at any moment. At early stages, it can help you to early fix the trajectory that you want to head towards. If your business is already established then it will help you identify the key factors that you are missing out on.

Get your brand <golden-span>reviewed<golden-span> by branding professionals!

We will help you identify which brand decisions you should make to structure a strong brand. We will be able to understand your brand a


What is a Brand Audit?

A brand audit is also known as a brand analysis or brand research. It's a study of many aspects of your brand like the logo, the colors, the tone, the message, the current audience, and its target market. It serves as the first research to execute your brand strategy.

When should you do a brand audit?

Your brand is always evolving. A brand audit is necessary to identify any factors that contributed to or hindered your growth. It is usually the first step to start building a strong brand. You can start it at any time, but the sooner the better.

What will you receive with this service?

Depending on the chosen tier, we will deliver you a brand guide with all the information on your primary brand aesthetics as well as point out any essential structure you need to work on such as mission, vision, etc.

How long does it take to complete this service?

On average, you can expect 1-2 weeks after submitting your payment but this depends on how fast you provide information. This process takes a good in-depth look into your brand and its analytics. We take vast amounts of information and compare it to each to reach a good solution.