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Local SEO Audit Service

Affordable and Fast Local SEO Audit Service

Find out your local SEO performance. A Local SEO Audit lets you have a look inner look into your local ranking factors and identify how your business is performing locally, with that information you will be able to see what can you do to improve it. We will look into your Google my business, citations, backlinks, and more.

Local Business next to a magnifying glass auditing a checklist

You don’t know why your business is not listed on Google Search or not appearing locally on Google My Business?

Not appearing on Google and other search queries is scary when you don’t know what is going right or what is going wrong.

There is a lot of factors when it comes to local Search Engine Optimization. Your business may still don’t have the necessary assets and signals for Google and other search engines to look at. 

Your business information is essential. The quality of it, the consistency, and how much this information is echoed throughout the internet is what will make your business rank.

Let’s find out why your business is not in local search results

With a local SEO audit, you can find out what is keeping your business from appearing in local search rankings and Google maps.


Find out your Listing Consistency

Google likes consistency in your business information such as name, website, address and phone number, and more. All of those factors need to be consistent to send the right ranking signals. We will run an audit to see where you have wrong, missing or no information at all.

Insight knowledge into ranking factors

SEO is complicated and ever-changing. There are a lot of ranking factors that most business owners don’t know about. 

Get suggestions to improve your ranking

We will be able to show you what is wrong with your local ranking. By giving you an inner look into the ranking factors you will be able to take action by yourself or hire a professional to help improve your local business SEO performance.

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Service Pricing

A local audit helps identify if you need to start investing in running a full SEO campaign or to take the necessary steps to improve your SEO efforts. It also helps you identify the quality of the work that is currently being done, or work that was already was performed by another SEO company or SEO specialist.

Google My Business Logo and NAP with description Illustrations

<golden-span>Google My Business Structure Analysis<golden-span>

Let us check what aspects of your GMB listing you need to fix. GMB is your single most important asset when it comes to ranking a physical location. Every aspect of the listing needs to be optimized to ensure you get a good local online performance. 

We will begin by checking if it was built correctly. We will analyze your business’s basic information like name, address, website, hours of operation, and descriptions are written correctly.

Icons of Backlinks, GMB Posts, photos and reviews

<golden-span>Google My Business Ranking Analysis<golden-span>

GMB rank is dictated by key components that Google selected as the most important when it comes to local business. Not only the structure needs to be correct, but also the way people engage with your business profile dictates your rank.

Google My Business Logo next to post and image optimization illustration

<golden-span>Google My Business Content Analysis<golden-span>

GMB is usually underutilized by many business owners. Google gave you quite a few nice features and it wants you to use them. Some of these features are Photos and Posts, Google likes seeing businesses posting relevant content for customers, they should serve a purpose and be relevant in the categories Google deemed important.

Person analyzing Google my business and facebook reviews

<golden-span>Reviews Analysis<golden-span>

Reviews in your listing, website and other review sites send the correct signals to identify your services. There are also other aspects that affect your business’s local ranking like what your website says, backlinks, user experience, proximity, and more.

Logo of GMB, Facebook, Yelp and other local citations sites illustration

<golden-span>Local Citations Analysis<golden-span>

We will check which of the most common directories and social platforms your website is in, and see if their information is consistent. These signals are needed to let Google know how legit and authoritative your website, business, and local listing are.

Website showing good speed ranking and magnifier making an analysis

<golden-span>Landing Page Analysis<golden-span>

We will go into your main page and see if we can find issues that may be hurting your ranking. Your page needs to be fast. To have good “Speed”, you need to have optimized content, especially images. It needs to be responsive to different devices. The most important part is that it needs to be mobile-friendly since most likely users will be using their phones to interact with you. You also need a few components to improve the relationship between it and GMB.

Website showing speed and function Illustration

<golden-span>On-page SEO Analysis<golden-span>

Your website could be missing pages or keywords that Google uses to fill up the blanks when someone is locally searching for your products or services. We will look into the title tags and meta descriptions that you are using on your site and let you know if you are using the correct searching terms. 

Do keep in mind this audit just includes the analysis, not the terms, if you want to get the correct structure for your keywords, let us know to do a separate keyword research service or check our SEO campaign services.

Backlinks in website SEO Illustration

<golden-span>Backlink Analysis<golden-span>

We will run a soft Backlink Audit, in which we will look at your overall backlink health and see if you have a toxic backlink that may be affecting your overall search position. Google doesn’t like fake backlinks, if too many are pointing to your site Google will punish your domain for it, you need to focus on high-quality links with great anchor text instead.

Do you <span-golden>need<span-golden> a Local SEO Audit?

As a small business owner, you should know where your local SEO efforts are getting you. You should know if your rank and local performance are low and not promising. An audit helps you identify the strong and weak points of your local SEO strategy. Wasting time equals wasting money, without information your marketing efforts might be going to waste.

Why chose us to do your <span-golden>local audit<span-golden>?

We are a small team of certified professionals with different digital marketing skills. SEO is one of the skills we specialize in and are more certified on. By being a small team you can rest assured that we will give you a catered direct fast service while also keeping everything affordable.

This service is best for

This service is perfect for a small business owner that wants to know if their online local presence is set for success or failure. It will help to clarify what is going on with your business at a local level. 

After getting this audit done you will have a better understanding of the aspect that make up search engine results. You will be able to do fixes yourself, send them to your team or identify the concerns you should bring to a professional to get them fixed. 

It doesn’t matter if your business is an online business or brick and mortar. A local audit is still part of organic SEO. Many factors are shared, the knowledge will be helpful for your overall marketing efforts.