What is Webflow? The Website Builder of the future

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June 15, 2021

Hello dear reader! Today we are going to discuss all Webflow.

Webflow is a Website Development Platform or Website Builder that creates powerful responsive websites with incredible animations, interactions, and integrations. It creates stunning marketing and branding visuals.

Webflow is the hot topic of the web design and tech company community. Around the world, designers are acquiring this tool.

Whether you are a designer or a business owner, this platform will work for you. It’s difficult to get your vision and the design that matches your brand using templates.

What are its main features?

There are a lot of factors that made us choose Webflow as the builder to run our business. 

Created for the visual designer

For many years, visual designers, as well as web designers, had to depend on a programmer or developer to bring to life a website. 

Webflow ended this by creating a visual coder. Meaning that you build your site mainly in the coding languages of HTML and CSS but, you are doing it visually. It isn’t really drag and drop, but still easier than full-on coding. 

Create an experience offline and online

Create the same great experiences your clients would have going into your physical shop on your website. Your website should express your branding as something deeper than just simple colors, it requires aesthetics, feelings, tone, quality, and more.

Edit your content easily

The main feature that we love is the Webflow CMS (Content Management System). It allows editors to quickly publish content whose structure is extremely similar to each other like products, profiles, blogs, etc.

The way it works is simple. We, as the designers, will be able to build the structure of the CMS page (How it looks), the layout, where photos go, where text goes, etc. Then, connect the CMS collection (fields) to any particular part. 

Any editor just needs to drag and drop media, as well as input text as if they were filling up a simple form. The content will then generate its own page once it's published. 

The Pros and Cons of Webflow

The Pros

Custom Websites

The main benefit of using Webflow is having full control of how your website looks without having to code. Gone are the days of boring, squared templates.


Websites created in Webflow have award-winning interaction and look like the websites of famous brands.


I mean actually responsive! You can actually see and design how the website is actually going to look in many sizes. 

Edit content on your own 

This is great for business owners that aren’t very tech knowledgeable to edit all the content on their own website. This works very well with our clients. We provide them and their team training on how to edit the content and now they can do it on their own thus saving thousands every year.


You can create a full workflow for your business on your website and cut time spent doing menial tasks. From appointments, eCommerce, lead capture, record keeping, and more.

The Cons

Steep learning curve to set up a Webflow design

Developing the website on your own may take time for you to actually learn the software in and outs.  Also, you need to know website design principles so that the website can look great and function great. This is where professionals like us can be of help.

Limited eCommerce

Their eCommerce launched very recently so the features that the shop capabilities are limited as of now.

Functionalities are external 

Some functionalities have to be done through integrations. I consider this a con because they don’t include these in the platform. Still, most platforms like Woocommerce or Shopify rely on adding apps to boost functionalities too.


Some consider Webflow’s pricing to be expensive because they compare it to the pricing of a template website builder. But, if you think of the power you have of getting full custom pages and a website without coding, you would rethink pricing. 

Search for how much it costs to custom design a website and get it developed in HTML, CSS by a professional coder. You would quickly change your mind. It also comes with many other benefits like SEO tools, Secure Hosting, Easy Google Integrations, you can connect a custom domain, and more when you add a site plan.

Conclusion: Our Webflow Review

As a design company, Webflow is the best platform for building websites we’ve ever tried and we’ve explored many. When we started, we started coding straight HTML and CSS, then moved to Wix, then to WooCommerce, and lastly, we found Webflow.

We think the platform is great and even though it needs some improvements, we think that in the years to come, this is going to be the platform to be in! There’s gonna be a mass conversion of businesses wanting to have their websites in Webflow.

With improvements to the platform coming every month, by no time the platform will be a must for all business websites. You can already create great landing pages and a custom web design. 

If you have any doubts don't hesitate to contact us. You can do it through our social media or in the comments of our youtube channel.

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