What is Webflow? Build your website

What is Webflow? How to build your website

Hello dear reader! Today we are going to discuss all about the Website Builder, Webflow. Professional, high-quality websites are now possible.

Webflow Website built by Bee Hexa Branding LLC

We are going to be talking about:

You’re probably here because you’re trying to find a better solution than Website builders Wix or WordPress.

You’re stuck with the same templates.

And, I get you! It’s difficult to get your vision and the design that matches your brand into a template.

What is Webflow?

Webflow is a Website Development Platform or Website Builder that creates powerful websites with incredible animations, interactions, and integrations.

It is basically a visual coder. Meaning that you are actually building a website that is built mainly in the coding languages of HTML and CSS but, you are doing it visually.  This helps with the speed of your website as well as the ability to customize anything.

Webflow Animations

How does Webflow work?

Webflow already has pieces of prerecorded code available for you to drop into your design and customize in the Designer. The Designer places your code into the canvas production-ready meaning that’s ready to publish and go live.

It helps you bring full websites to live in a short amount of time.

Webflow also has CMS (a Content Management System) and offers hosting in their own platform making it into an all-in-one website builder where you can create a website fully custom, add data and host it.

If Webflow is a Website Builder, what makes it different from Wix or WordPress?

Webflow is a website builder as well as Wix and WordPress. The main difference between Webflow and Wix or WordPress is the customization that you have.

Wix and WordPress are easy to drag and drop builders that are driven by pre-made designs or better known as templates.

These platforms are very limiting and have their own code language that runs the platform. These languages are uncommon languages that only some know.

These builders are trying to evolve into more customization, like for example Editor X for Wix. But, is still way too limiting for you to be able to control all the aspects of the website.

The reason is that these platforms were mainly created for the mass to build a cheap, quick website. As a new business, this might seem like the way to go, but if you are thinking about scaling, these platforms will limit you.

In contrast, Webflow code is clean, common languages and you are truly coding your website visually. This allows you to develop websites faster!

Now, a business owner can have a website that matches their brand and that is an experience for their customers.

A web designer can do front-end development quickly and a web developer can see their code go straight to design. It’s perfect!

Best feature: Webflow CMS

What is Webflow CMS- Bee Hexa Branding
Webflow CMS Editing in the Editor as a client

Webflow’s Content Management System is one if not the best feature this platform has. For this reason, we have a full extensive blog article you can read all about Webflow CMS.

In summary, Webflow CMS allows you to dynamically change all the content on your website even if you have 0 development experience. Read more in our article.

How can you learn Webflow? Are there Webflow tutorials?

Webflow has its own tutorial library which they call Webflow University. It’s how we got started, the learning curve is steeper than Wix and other similar platforms.

But it’s worth it!

If you need help learning, go check out our brand new Youtube channel, Bee Hexa Branding, we’ll be posting about Webflow, general web design, and business branding.

To get started with Webflow the main two things you need to know is:

  1. The principles of coding
  2. Web Design

With a basic understanding of both, you should be able to start but, for more details see our Youtube channel.

What can Webflow do?

Webflow can do almost anything you can imagine thanks to its code being clean. You can create Marketing or Landing Pages, full business websites, eCommerce, and lots more.

With Webflow CMS, you can run your content and quickly duplicate pages that have the same structure. You don’t have to create pages every single time you want to create for example a blog page article like this one.

You can run your entire blog from your website or your products for your Shop or your restaurant menu. These are just some functions you can accomplish with Webflow.

It has a ton of features such as CMS, Hosting, SEO Tools, the ability to invite collaborators, run an eCommerce, and many many integrations.

Integrations help you run your business and create a full workflow that connects with your website and can be automated. Some of these integrations are:

Even if you can’t find the integration you are looking for, you can always code the function or the connection through API to create exactly what you need.

Who can or should use Webflow?

Webflow is for any designer or business owner that wants to stand out. With its impressive capabilities, this is the platform for the future of business. You can create full experiences on your website.

Webflow’s interactions are a great way to show the uniqueness of your brand.

We believe your website should be the main engine of all your operations, of all your marketing effort and Webflow can make it so.

Whether you need appointments, memberships, and more you can use it as your base and then add any integrations you may need.

Even if the main purpose of your website is just brand awareness, you can use Webflow to tell your brand’s story and highlight the best parts in a visual, interactive way.

A little about Webflow

Webflow, a SAAS company based in San Francisco, has been around since 2013. This relatively young company has accelerated and scaled quickly compared to similar companies. They are constantly working on releasing new features month to month. As well as improving the eCommerce and CMS which get better and better over time.

The creators' vision was for everyone to be able to easily create a website for the web. They wanted to make a tool that simplifies website building and can be as easy as Adobe products.

Why should you use Webflow?

You should use Webflow if you want to stand out. Websites that are a full-on experience that you see in high-level companies such as Apple, can now be yours. You should also be looking into Webflow if you want to create an online workflow to help run your business. Automation is the future. Premium websites are now within your reach!

Webflow for Business Owners

If you are a business owner, Webflow adds a professional and exciting mix to your products and services. Being able to explain your offer in a visual and interactive way helps the customer understand easier.

65% of people are visual learners. -Forbes

This means that presenting the visual storytelling of your offer is going to boost sales because the client understands your product better.

Additionally, the editing interface lets you edit and add new content as easy as editing a Google doc. Meaning that anyone even with 0 development experience or any knowledge of websites can go into the Editor and change all the content on the website.

We compare this Editor easy edit with Wix’s editor which is simple as click, change and publish. You can change text, images, links, and graphics.

The best part is that you can integrate applications that can help you run your business and automate a full workflow. Business is now simplified and all ran from your website.

Webflow for Designers

If you are a designer such as a graphic designer or web designer, you can now visually create award-winning websites in hours not months!

Webflow can be integrated into any web design workflow from sketches to wireframes to mockups to live functional sites. Harness all the power of HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create custom sites visually.

Now you can go beyond the templates and into bringing to life the website just as you design it.

You can host all the websites on the same platform and buy domains through Webflow by integrating with Google Domains and GoDaddy.

Now, you can give your clients exactly the design they wanted!

And you can use client billing to make a profit from your websites.

Webflow for marketing agencies or advertising agencies

You can have all these features mentioned above plus you can have a seamless process for your entire team.

With Team Plans or collaborators you can add your entire team to work alongside you. Now, you don’t have to wait for the copywriter to write the copy in order to move to design. It can all be done at once!

The designer can develop the site in Webflow while the copywriter is already writing all the copy on the actual website visually.

This accelerates the process of having a website ready!

Additionally, you can also run client billing so you can invoice your clients straight on the platform.

Webflow is one tool for all.

Pros and Cons of Webflow


Custom Websites - The main benefit of using Webflow is having full control of how your website looks without having to code. Gone are the days of boring, squared templates.

Award-winning - Websites created in Webflow have award-winning interaction and look like the websites of famous brands.

Responsive - I mean actually responsive! You can actually see and design how the website is actually going to look like in many sizes. Many platforms sell you responsive but they are actually very clunky.

Edit content on your own - This is great for business owners that have no development experience to edit all the content on their own website. This works very well with our clients. We provide them and their team training on how to edit the content and now they can do it on their own thus saving thousands every year.

Easy & visual editing - Editing your content is actually quite pleasant and you can see the changes go live right before your eyes.

eCommerce extension - You can sell straight on your website. Creating your shop is super easy and you can send automated emails, add variants, and more.

Integrations - You can create a full workflow for your business on your website and cut time spent doing menial tasks.


Steep learning curve to set up - Developing the website on your own may take time for you to actually learn the software in and out as well as know design principles so that the website can look great and function great.

Limited eCommerce - Their eCommerce launched very recently so the features that the shop capabilities are limited as of now. They are adding more tools and functionalities for their eCommerce. The eCommerce is perfect for products that are shippable or any downloadable content. By shippable, I mean something that can be shipped such as clothing, prints, shoes, packaged food, etc. Downloadable content includes eBooks, fonts, digital goods, courses, etc.

Functionalities are external - Some functionalities have to be done through integrations. I consider this a con because they don’t include these in the platform. Still, most platforms like Woocommerce or Shopify rely on adding apps to boost functionalities too.

Pricing - Some consider Webflow’s pricing to be expensive because they compare it to the pricing of a template website builder. But, if you think of the power you have of getting a full custom website without coding, you would rethink pricing. Search for how much it costs to custom design a website and get it developed in HTML, CSS by a professional coder. You would quickly change your mind. Webflow is not just a website builder, it is a development platform!

Webflow Pricing

Webflow has many plans that fit your needs depending on which level you are at.

To host a website in Webflow, here are the plans:

To create a shop in Webflow, here are the plans:

To see more details about Webflow pricing, go to their pricing page.

Webflow pricing explained

Now, to build websites on your own you need an Account Plan:

If you are an agency or freelancer, you have to pay the Account Plan and have your clients pay the Hosting Price.

Benefits of Webflow

Impressive Interactions

Not only can you create a beautiful website, but also you can create an interactive experience for your users.

These are some of the interactions you can create with Webflow.

Webflow - Intro to Interactions

Fast Loading

" 47% of your visitors expect your site to load within two seconds, and 40% of them will leave if it takes more than three seconds. Each second of delay decreases customer satisfaction by around 16%, and reduces your sales by 7%. " -Neal O'Grady on Webflow Blog

People only have 3 seconds to decide if they want to view your website or not. That means that if your website takes about that time to load, your website may not be view.

Webflow hosts one of the fastest hosting services out there. See their article for information and tips and tricks on how to reduce the page load speeds even more.

Information input is easy

No more having to input all your content manually.

Webflow's Content management system (CMS) makes it easy to change multiple lines of text at the same time.

The perfect tool to create blogs and online magazines.

Shops are an ease to create

While there are still platforms like Shopify, Webflow has only started its e-commerce experience and it has already surpassed in value.

If you have no experience with design, don't want to invest nor learn and just want any shop. Go to Shopify and get a boring old template.

But, if you want to create an experience in which your customers can purchase your products. Then, go to Webflow and be the talk of all.

See this awesome shop created in Webflow.

Create an experience with your shop

Create the same great experience you have going on on your physical shop on your website. We know your shop is awesome! Your website should be too.

Convert your website into an extension of your shop and start selling products or services.

Wouldn't it be awesome if your customers come into your restaurant and they already know what they want or they've already bought your product?

Extra details about Webflow

Conclusion: Our Webflow Review

Webflow is the best platform for building websites we’ve ever tried and we’ve explored many. When we started, we started coding straight HTML and CSS, then moved to Wix, then to WooCommerce, and lastly, we’ve found Webflow.

We run a full design agency straight in Webflow from website building for our clients to SEO Optimization to client dashboard. Our Design agency runs in Webflow.

We think the platform is great and even though it needs some improvements, we think that in the years to come, this is going to be the platform to be in! There’s gonna be a mass conversion of businesses wanting to have their websites in Webflow.

With improvements to the platform coming every month, by no time the platform will be a must for all business websites.

If you want to try Webflow, here is a link for you. By using this link, you are also helping us keep bringing you more information like this.

Let us know what you think about Webflow.

If you have any doubts don't hesitate to contact us. You can do it through our social media or in the comments of our youtube channel.

If you need a professional designer with experience in creating Webflow websites, then click here.

Webflow | Powerful Interactions |Custom Websites | Webflow vs Wix | Webflow vs WordPress

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