Website vs Social Media for business

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June 15, 2021
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Hello dear reader!

If you are reading this then you are probably wondering which one is better, in short, both are good, but both have their advantages and disadvantages which we are going to discuss below. 

Many confuse the real purpose and functionality of the use of social media platforms in their business. And, now more often than not, they underestimate the value a website provides. 

Pros and Cons of a Social Media Presence for business

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Pros of Social Media

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offer you a way to connect with your audience and update them on your current status or new products. 

Free of cost

The main pro is that these tools are usually free of cost. Which limits the overhead expenses you might have with a website. It also means that there will be people on it. 

Built for you

You just have to upload the media you need and the text you want. You don’t have to worry about the actual structure since it is already built for you.

Cons of Social Media

The cons are usually just consequences of their own pros.

Free of cost

A lot of people also mean over-saturation. The algorithm, especially in Facebook, made business pages constantly pay for your content to be seen and the price is only increasing year by year. They are usually free to enter but pay to play. 

Built for you

Social media is a standard templated, pre-made page that stores your content and allows you to customize mostly your profile picture and banner. It only helps you promote your brand superficially. It doesn't necessarily help with brand awareness and if not used correctly, can lead you to lose your identity. Without a brand personality, consumers will decide on which product to go solely based on price.

Pros and Cons of a Website for business

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Pros of a Website

A website created for your business can give you many advantages such as credibility, a way to sell your product or services, a 24/7 virtual employee, and a headquarters for your marketing efforts all in one. 

A website should always be where people end, where your sales funnels lead to,  is like your brand’s home, office, or the world. This is where all your efforts should point to, your hub. All those marketing, ads, content strategies, and even your video content or podcast should point to your website.

Online Real Estate

Your website can be placed in an area where people are actively searching to fulfill their needs. If done right, you can use SEO to rank your website on the search engines such as Google and open your business to billions of people. 

Custom made built for you

You can build and customize your branding on it the way you want your customers to experience it. This is something no social media can offer. You can also integrate any software that can perform tasks for you from your day-to-day.

Cons of a Website

Like with social media, its cons are usually also consequences of its pros.

Online “Realtor”

SEO is always changing, doing wrong can make you lose traffic and therefore money for business websites. You will have to learn how to rank your site yourself or hire a professional. Even if you have to get professional help this is one of the services with the most return of investment that you can get. 

Custom made built for you

You probably aren’t a visual designer nor do you know how to build to optimize for search engines. It can be a hassle to doing it on your own. This means you will probably have to hire professionals or spend a lot of time working on your creative and technical skills.

Conclusion: Which one should you use for our business?

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The answer is you should use both a website and social media strategy. You combine them to give you the best results. 

Social media is a great content strategy to acquire leads, by accompanying it with a website that can harmoniously pull leads through the funnel in which you have control of your branding and their user experience.

Think of social media as efforts to go out and meet clients. Social Networking sites are like an event in which you want to bring prospects to your website to learn more about your product or services and purchase them there.

If done right, you’ll have social media channels that captivate and engage with your audience and sends them to your website to purchase or book your services.

A website isn’t better than social media sites nor the other way. But both together are what makes an effective brand experience. It’s your decision whether to use a website or a social media profile as your business sales.

The decision to invest in your website and connecting all your marketing strategy is all yours. You can either do it yourself using website builders or hire a professional web designer to build it for you.

We, here at Bee Hexa Branding LLC, thank you for your interest in making your business more prosperous. We wish you the same and invite you to see our upcoming website launches.

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