What is Branding? And, How can it help your business?

Published on:
June 15, 2021

Hello dear reader, today we are going to talk about our specialty, which is Branding.

To understand it, you first have to understand what a brand is. A brand is an identity you created to represent your offer.

Branding is the way your brand is perceived by your customers. It encompasses many factors like visual aesthetics, the message it communicates, emotional bonds, memories, and many other aspects. 

When done well, your customer will be able to differentiate you from your competitors. Even a slogan, a mission statement, or a color palette alone will bring back a memory. This memory causes an emotion that will be linked to your brand’s offer.

There are many brands that have established this for years. If we mention “just do it”, or say, think about a logo design with “red and yellow”, a strong brand automatically pops up in your mind, and you probably remember the last thing you got there, or feel the need to go back. Both, your visual identity and message identity matter. 

It helps your business by creating a bond with your customers. This is why impressions and experiences can make or break a business. By creating positive relationships, you will be able to keep your customers coming back. People are habitual, especially when it comes to products and services.

Why is it important

If you do not have good a branding strategy you will end up losing customers to businesses that do. Sometimes you could have a better product or service, a better price, a better proposition, but, the issue lies in the overall experience your customer encountered. It could even be a case of prospects not giving you a chance in the first place. 

Restaurants and coffee shops are a great example of this. Most people can tell you about a local place that serves great food or coffee, but it's not really known. The food is probably great, the coffee out of this world, but, there are already brands that have more reputation that get a bigger chunk of their clientele. Businesses like these need to work on building a brand identity. 

There are many benefits when implemented right.

Be Recognizable

You want your customer to know you are YOU. There is a reason why they chose you and why they should keep choosing you. You want to construct a deep bond that stays with them in which they can remember you.

Establish Loyalty

Keep your customer coming back. People are tribal by nature, whenever they feel satisfied and comfortable with something they don't feel the need to look for something else. 

Attract your Ideal Client

All your time and effort should reach the people you want. Who your ideal customer is dependent on you or your industry, it can be age, lifestyle, budget, or any other demographic. Make sure your clientele is the one you want and need.

Outshine your Competitors

Go from being A place to THE place. Show your prospects that your competitors are not really what they are looking for. You are the correct business for them. 

Show Credibility and Commitment

Your place might be legit, but if it is not perceived as such it will cost you. Successfully done, it will show you are a legit brand that is actively engaged and committed to your audience. 

When should you start it?

Branding commenced the first second you started to present your business or yourself with a purpose. The difference lies between having the knowledge and taking action to do it well. 

It is convenient to start it as soon as possible. Another pitfall that new businesses encounter is branding themselves in a negative light or to the wrong audiences. 

Who should be using it

Anybody that has a business needs to understand this. It doesn’t matter if you are a personality or a business, you are knowingly or unknowingly using a brand.

Personal Brand

You could think of personal branding as your own reputation. The way you present yourself, the things that you do, the way you do them, all of these factors are perceived by other people and they will mentally create an image of you or better said a brand experience. 

You could see this with influencers or celebrities. Their actions, skills, how they connect with you are part of their own brand.

Business Brand

Many people think a business brand is just a logo, when in fact it is many of the things we mentioned above. A business is its own entity, it doesn't necessarily need to have a person attached to it, but it can greatly benefit from doing so. 

A business brand is perceived more by its quality and what it offers when compared to a personal brand, but it is still susceptible to the same factors like how it looks (visual branding), its marketing practice, how it sounds (brand message), the needs it fulfills, and how it fulfills them.

Where do you see it

Branding is all around you. You, yourself, probably already have loyalty or affinity to particular brands. From places that you go to eat, the clothes you buy and wear, the places you go for fun, and many more.

Effective successful branding is everywhere, it’s instantly recognizable. It is what made business titans. 


Branding is something every business is doing, but not everyone is doing it right. Most are actually doing wrong, or just not doing enough. You can and should get more information about it. It is something you can do on your own, spend the time and progress slowly or you always have the option of reaching out to professionals like us to help guide you the correct way.

When done well, you will be able to quickly see the result. It does take time to do massive improvements but small positive results happen fast. Your goal with your business should always be to grow as much as possible and to be known by everybody, do not hinder your own growth. 

We offer many branding services that will help you brand your business correctly and efficiently.

If you have any questions feel free to send us a message on our social media.

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