Why use a branding agency?

Published on:
August 9, 2021

When we think about growing our business, we usually think about marketing efforts, digital marketing, or advertising as the solution. And while this is a viable route, it is not necessarily all to build a brand.


Or we usually think of going first with our brand image or visual identity, in other words changing how our brand looks. And again, that’s totally fine but without thinking about who you want to target or how you want them to feel, your efforts might be wasted.

Thinking about the strategic part first is the solution! When you think about doing market research first or thinking about target audiences, the visuals will soon follow and will achieve your business goals.

That is the role of a branding agency! A branding agency is similar to a marketing agency, but it focuses on the brand itself. On how to build a strong brand that will surpass the competition and stay in the mind of your ideal audience.

What is a brand?


A brand is the way a business, product, or person is perceived by its audiences.

It’s what makes clients from clients to fans. It is the reason why you chose a specific brand over another like Apple or Starbucks. That sense of belonging, sense of understanding, or the feeling it gives you that you associate with the business, product, or service.

Marty Neumeier describes it as “a person's gut feeling about a product, service, or organization”

What is a Branding Agency?

A Branding Agency offers strategies for brand growth in the way where the objective is to not only make a business successful but create overall brand recognition. 

In short a branding agency focuses on brand experiences.

With this in mind, the decision of whether to do it on your own, choosing a branding agency or any other agency is up to you. But, what I can say is that especially new business owners usually just think superficially like just “make it bigger” is a common thing I hear. 

But, I barely, as a designer, hear “let’s hit that strategy with our design” which makes my point that business owners don’t know how design can reach their goals.

Why should you hire a branding agency?

You know how when you are starting a business you are confused about what to do, where to go, how to talk to your customer base, or even who they are?

Well, that doesn’t happen when you decide to work with a branding agency. Working with a branding agency will help you bring your brand to life with a plan to follow. 

What is a brand identity?

A brand identity isn’t just how your business looks or isn’t just your logo, it is how your business brand is perceived by your customers and how you make them feel. 

Using that, you can create a visual identity that follows what you’ve already described in your definition of your brand.

Branding in 2021

People aren’t aware of branding, but it is now even more crucial than ever thanks to social media! With our lives and habits heavily influenced by social media, visual stimulation and building a solid brand identity are even more crucial.

Now, you have to differentiate yourself from your competitors more than ever since we are all now connected through social media. Differentiating yourself with how you look, how you sound, and how you make them feel is surely more important.

Brands are creating a whole new experience on social media. If you don’t know who you are or who your target audience is, it will be difficult to stand out on social media.

What we offer

We, Bee Hexa Branding, offer a full service where we provide brand strategy and offer services that will follow the strategy. All our efforts are with the goal of making a brand that will bring you business.
These services include branding, custom web design and development, graphic design, and more. You can see all our services here.

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