Why is graphic design important?

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July 12, 2021

When building a business we often focus so much on the business structure and invest so much time in making a product or service great. Usually, business owners spend a lot of time and money on the product or service but forget to think about how the marketing materials will look.

In business, consumers are highly visual and are going to make a purchase decision based on what they see.

Your product or service might be the best but without being able to show that you will have a hard time selling.

That’s what graphic design is for.

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What is graphic design?

Graphic design plays a unique role in the business. Graphic design is a visual artistic but strategic way to market your offer. It uses art to communicate a message in a visual way that is better than words. 

Graphic design uses colors, typography, iconography to craft a message that your target audience will quickly understand. It is said to be one of the most powerful tools in marketing and advertising.

Importance of graphic design in business

Graphic design has many benefits, below we’ll explain the most important.

Visually communicate

Sometimes in business, what we do can be hard to explain to someone new to the term. With graphic design, you can explain or communicate complex concepts in a visually appealing way.

It is important to know that we are visual-driven. In fact, 65% of the population are visual learners according to inc.com.

Creates a visual identity for your business

Rather than having to say who you are and what you do in business, with a visual element such as a logo you can create a visual identity where people will know you.

You will soon start to get recognized for your logo, your unique elements, or your colors. You will start to develop a strong brand identity.

Great impression

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In business, it is essential that you make good impressions with your prospects. This means that your business needs to make a good impression with your prospects in order to win them over. Read more about business impressions here.

How your business looks will greatly deliver a good or bad message to your prospects. If you have a good business name, if you have a unique logo design that is great will serve as an impression.

Show professionalism

Design communicates a message. The visuals if done right can communicate professionalism or friendliness or approachability. But, it can also communicate the opposite. 

If you invested no time on your design or completely did it yourself, you might end up communicating sloppy or non-credible, or unprofessional to your audience.

Consistently create brand recognition

After you’ve created a cohesive brand and you have been in business for a while, everyone will start to remember your business. This is called brand recognition.

What can good graphic design do for your business?

You use design in your printed marketing materials such as business cards or on your digital marketing such as social media pages, web design, and more.

If you use good graphic design in these products, it will transform your business in a way where the right customer will be attracted to your business.

Think about the many business brands that you’ve bought from because they have something that attracts you. What attracts you is their right use of the brand strategy, graphic design, and a good product.

Do the same for your business! Create an irresistible brand for your target audience.

What can bad graphic design do for your business? 

Moodboard design elements

Graphic design isn’t only positive because if done wrong bad graphic design can break your business. Bad graphic design usually has a few tropes that inexperienced designers or DIY people do, check out this article showcasing a few of them. 

We all know how to spot a business owner that isn’t invested in their business. We often feel like we are being sold to by a cheap business that might be promising a good product. But, they themselves don’t look expensive nor like they actually care.

Well, that’s what you might be expressing if you are using bad graphic design.

And I know graphic design can be the last thing on your mind since as a business owner you are probably worried about a million things but you need to either educate yourself in design or hire a professional designer to design your branding guide, your visual elements, and even your marketing elements.


 In conclusion, always think about design and how you can create a good design that will express the right message to your customers.

If you are a business owner without time, then invest in at least the basic elements of your brand or repeatable templates you can use for your brand.

I hope this blog post served you well and helped you in your business ventures.
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