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Get SEO Hartford CT

Get to be known all around <span-golden>Hartford CT <span-golden>and beyond!

Become a must-know business in the Hartford area and all around Connecticut. Let's optimize your website and your Google business profile to reach more clients than ever. With our search engine optimization services, you will get outstanding results.

A Business <span-golden-pitch-l>needs<span-golden-pitch-l> more than word of mouth marketing

It doesn't matter how good your business is if you cannot go beyond reaching people that refer you. Don't get us wrong referrals are powerful, but you are also missing out on hundreds if not thousands of people that are searching for your products or services in Connecticut. Search engine optimization (SEO) will make them find you.

Is this You?

Are you a Connecticut business owner looking to improve your SEO in Hartford CT? We are business owners ourselves, we understand the time and effort it takes to run small businesses. We will help you by running your SEO digital marketing needs. You need to have the means to reach every possible client in Hartford and Connecticut entirely. Our services target all aspects of Search engine optimization, this will make your brand grow in many needed areas.

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How these Services will help you!

Let's improve your Website

We look to the outer part of your web design and quickly identify the media that has to be optimized. Then we fix the missing Copywrite (keywords) that are keeping you from appearing higher or at all in search results. We will also build, fix or remove necessary links and citations your domain needs.

Higher Local Rank

Let's improve your Google Business Profile by inputting the right keywords, categories, and content to it. Increasing your local rank increases the potential to appear on the top 3 spots of searches near you (AKA the Map Pack). Once you achieve great consistency, your local Hartford online presence will grow.

Get into Content Marketing

Content allows customers to find your business online by themselves, this is called inbound marketing. By informing your customers about a problem they have or a need they want to fulfill, you turn their attention to your brand. This ends up creating more leads and sales for your business. You can even use the content in your social media marketing strategy as a bonus that will also help your overall SEO strategies.

Be the 1# Option Around

Imagine being the number one option in Hartford CT. The number of customers flocking to your business could be life-changing. Not having good SEO means that with every search, your clients are going to your competitor instead of your business. We will help raise your brand potential to reach the 1st page of Google.

Scale your business

The whole point of SEO is to start getting more online traffic to your website or to your social media and to get more physical traffic to your Connecticut business. By doing this you will be able to scale your operations and get your brand in a stronger better position.

Rest assured 

You will get video reports showing you the progress we are doing for your business. You can always check into the process yourself by looking at Google analytics and tools like it, but we like being 100% transparent in your progress. You will be able to understand the success you will see in your business.

The Services that you are Looking for!

SEO Services Campaign


There is no doubt that SEO services have become an essential part of the digital marketing strategy for any business. An SEO campaign allows you to target multiple aspects of search engine optimization at once. From fixing your website, building your local profiles, link building, and more. All of these aspects are needed to ensure a total Connecticut SEO rank increase.

Local SEO Services Campaign

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Local SEO is all about getting in front of all potential customers in your city or even the whole State of Connecticut. It will give you the necessary local competitive edge. It focuses on optimizing your Google My Business profile and link building within your community.

Let BEE HEXA guide you there
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Our Promise to you!

We understand the Hartford CT Area since our headquarters are actually in West Hartford CT. As your neighbor, you can rest assured that we will quickly be able to hear and understand your business needs. With us, you get a complete full-service company that will be able to help you beyond what any of the SEO companies CT has to offer. We will take care of your CT SEO needs and go with you every step of the way towards your business success.