Shippo Webflow Ecommerce Shipping Integration

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July 9, 2021
Shippo Webflow Integration

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Webflow is a Website Platform for the next generation of businesses. It creates powerful websites with incredible animations, interactions, and integrations. 

If you would like to know more about what is Webflow and our experience with it, you can read our blog article about Webflow here.

Shippo is a shipping app that helps you track, personalize, create shipping labels, packing slips, and keeps your customer up-to-date with tracking information notifications.

Shippo is already a well-known shipping integration that has been used with many website builders such as WooCommerce, Wix, and now with the platform Webflow.

Shippo makes Webflow an all-in-one tool that makes shipping orders a breeze!

Shippo has now been integrated into Webflow eCommerce as a native integration to provide a stronger eCommerce solution. 

Webflow + Shippo is one of the newer additions of Webflow eCommerce and is taking the platform one step further. Their #1 intent is to provide your customers with a unique & branded experience.

The system of both Webflow + Shippo together lets you:

Create a custom store design

You are able to make a lot of changes in the way your store looks with 100% custom product and shop pages. 

A base to build from

Webflow already gives you a couple of pages that are fully necessary for a store such as a checkout page, a cart button, and more which you can customize to look how you want to.

Compare carrier rates

You are given options from carriers like USPS, FedEx, Ups, DHL & more where they are partnered with these carriers to give you the best prices.


Create labels automatically and save time.

Address Validation 

Make sure that you are sending it to the correct address. As a result, this validates the address you are sending it to.

Schedule pick-ups

Busy? Then, schedule carrier pickups to make it easier if preferred.


They make the worst part of shipping a hassle-free experience.

And now, this amazing shipping powerhouse can integrate with Webflow to provide a full eCommerce shipping experience from the store to shippo.

Ultimately, we are super excited about this feature because this will make Webflow eCommerce an all-in-one tool and formidable competitor against WooCommerce, Square, and Shopify.

The feature is super easy to use from Webflow’s designer since it has been added as an extension or integration to the shop.

What does Webflow’s new integration do?

Webflow’s new integration with Shippo makes shipping your products easy.

As a result, your Webflow eCommerce store is now more powerful than ever.

You can now update your orders as fulfilled automatically by connecting Shippo. As a consequence, it will feed the information from  Shippo to Webflow’s eCommerce “orders” tab.

You got custom designed stores, coupon codes, and shipping integrations all in one.

How to set up!

Step 1: Create a Shippo account (Join Shippo)

Shippo Homepage Sign Up

2nd Step:  Once created, sign in, go to settings, and change your Billing information, address & Company information.

shippo shipping integration dashboard

Step 3: Connect in Webflow

Shippo Webflow Integration
Video from Webflow

Step 4: DONE!

Now track your Orders, create labels & send automated emails using Shippo.

Additional details

When a customer purchases an order on your Webflow eCommerce Shop, the address will automatically populate in your Shippo Dashboard.

Also, when your customer places an order and you’ve already printed a label for it in Shippo, the tracking number will appear on your Order’s Page.


Shippo is a really great option for store owners and managers to make their lives when it comes to shipping items and it ensures the process is pleasant for both you and your clients. Clients get a great experience since they’ll be able to know where their packet is at all times.

In the end, this creates a bond with your clients and ultimately helps your business grow. 

You get more by integrating your Webflow shop to Shippo.

If you would like to build your store in Webflow, visit our Webflow Development Services page.

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