What is Webflow Ecommerce?

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July 9, 2021

Starting your eCommerce website is sometimes scary because you are looking at millions of options and you aren’t an expert on this.

Don’t worry about feeling lost, in this blog article we will break down one of our favorite eCommerce platforms, Webflow eCommerce.

There are many eCommerce out there and we, as professional web designers, have experimented with most of them from WooCommerce, Wix to Shopify.

And even though these drag and drop mainstream builders are helpful we always run into the same problem of customization. These platforms have the tools but constrain your creativity.

Webflow eCommerce

Webflow is the Platform that gives you the power to create impressive animations, integrations, and experiences ready for the world. Check our blog on Webflow and see how we use it to create online business websites, landing pages, and eCommerce sites.


Photo By Webflow eCommerce Official Affiliate

Webflow has an extension where you can build your site and add an eCommerce feature that allows you to sell physical products, digital products. 

Additionally, it integrates with shipping management systems such as Shippo. To enable you to get shipping rates, track, manage, print shipping labels and send messages about your packages.

The #1 reason for using it is the ability to fully customized the design of the shopping cart, automated transnational emails, shop product pages, and more.

Differentiate your online store beyond typical looking to high-end quality with powerful interactions and animations in your store.

Webflow ecommerce photo by Webflow.

Photo by Webflow

The majority of shop owners just choose a template that everyone else is using, which makes standing out easy with Webflow.

Create customer experiences

When starting a lot of shop owners just start with listing items and not worrying much about customer experiences but these experiences are what will push your business forward.

Focus on what matters, that your customers love your product and the experience of buying it.

With Webflow eCommerce you can start the whole experience with a unique captivating website design that highlights all the best features of your product and helps customers make that final purchase.

With an interactive and attractive experience, clients are soon to learn about your product and the reasons why they can’t live without it.

Customized Sell 

Sell your products using custom layout experiences, add variants if you have the same product in different colors, add custom fields if you need to.

It’s powered by payments using Stripe (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX), Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Paypal.

This means that your customers have many choices on how they want to pay.

These are Stripes transactional fees

Stripe pricing form stripe

Create Coupon Codes

Encourage sales by adding a coupon code for your promotional campaigns. Creating coupon codes in your store dashboard is super easy and fast.


Shipping and taxes can easily be set to match your region wherever you are and you can ship anywhere around the world.

Orders: Tracking

Tracking, managing, and keeping your customer informed is easily done from your shop’s dashboard.

You can view order details, update order statuses, and issue refunds.

Social Media Advertising

Easily sync your products with your Facebook, Instagram Shop to link your shop to these social media accounts and create multiple sales channels.

Have more sales channels by creating a shoppable experience for your audience.

Google Analytics

Know who’s visited your store by integrating with your Google Analytics so you don’t have to wonder who visited your website, you can see exact analytics.

Connect the tools of the most powerful Search Engine Google to your website and quickly see reports on how your page is doing.

Get Found Online

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is essential so that your shop can be found online when searched on Google or Bing.

Webflow Offers extensive On-Page SEO Tools to boost your ratings.

We suggest having a blog on your page and maintaining it to get higher in the ranks and show up in more searches in Google.

We say this because one of the ways search engines find what the user wants to find is by searching through the words on your entire website and ranking based on the number of times those words were mentioned.

Having a blog on your eCommerce store serves as a guide for your customers as well as benefits your ranking.

Use the opportunity and write captivating blog articles that will help your customers when making a decision to buy your products.

Who’s Webflow eCommerce for?

Webflow is for those that want to differentiate their shop from the millions of online shops out there.

With the power to customize how your shop works, looks, and feels, you are on your way to impress anyone.

With current limitations, Webflow eCommerce is for shops that sell limited products or online products. It serves best as an extension of a great website design that is already great on its own. 

Great user examples for the use are: designers looking to sell their artwork, service providers looking to sell products online and high-end products where the quantity sold is limited.

Webflow eCommerce Limitations

We are here to be completely transparent with you in discussing what are the limitations of this platform and who’s not a good fit.

Webflow eCommerce isn’t yet for you if you own a full-on store with over 1,000 products or if you are wanting a ton of integrations such as complex payment processors.

How to get Webflow eCommerce to build your shop

To build your shop in Webflow eCommerce, in summary, all you have to do is create the shop, design it, add a site plan, a custom domain, and publish it. 

It does take more steps than these especially since Webflow advertises itself as easy to use but it’s not automatically generated nor is it for the common person. 

Webflow is for a designer that knows websites and benefits those that know how to code websites but wants to speed up the process and build the website themselves without having to hire a full developer.  If you aren’t savvy with websites or website development, we recommend you hire a Webflow designer.


In conclusion, Webflow eCommerce should be on your list when it comes to the options for you to build your store especially if you are looking to creating a pleasing shopping experience.

We have used Webflow eCommerce in many of our website designs and have built websites for shops.

If you want to build your shop, check our Webflow Website Development services.

We know that Webflow isn’t an extremely popular website platform right now but with Webflow adding new tools, this platform will become the to-go tool for high-end brands.

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