Webflow appointment booking: Our favorite options

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July 29, 2021

You are probably building your website and you are trying to find a solution where your website visitors can book you by scheduling appointments on your website.

In this blog article, we are going to help you choose an appointment booking integration for your Webflow website.

We’ll be showing you the applications we’ve personally used in conjunction with our favorite website development platform, Webflow. 

But, these integrations also work with website builders and other website platforms so you can use them on your website.

Why do you need an appointment scheduler on your website?

A website can be used to convert by starting out with the story about your product or service and ending the page with a call to action. The easiest you make the next step for your prospects, the more inclined they will be to take it. 

By having an appointment scheduler on your website, prospects can already book their appointments straight on your page. It eliminates the back and forth of emails or calls.

Option 1: Calendly

Calendly Appointment Scheduler for your website

One of our favorite scheduling integrations is Calendly with its well-recognized software, it helps businesses easily set their availability. Calendly has many features such as:

Calendar Integrations

Work well with Outlook, Google, Office 365, or iCloud.

Helps you take a control

Set buffer of times between meetings, be smart about scheduling, and never double book.

Works with your apps 

Automate by connecting your favorite apps for meetings, sales, and automation.

Collect Payment

Accepts payments from your invitees or customers using PayPal or credit cards by using Stripe.

Option 2: CozyCal

CozyCal appointment scheduler

CozyCal is perfect for any business, freelancer, or solopreneur that needs clients to book their time with its modern style and boutique-like experience. CozyCal has many features such as:

Customizable booking page

The page can be customized with your logo, colors, time format, and service offerings.

Event requests

You control your own schedule by approving or declining bookings.

Accept Payment

You can connect Stripe to start receiving payments for your events.

SMS Reminders

Keep clients updated with SMS reminders straight on their phones to ensure they are aware of appointments. 

Which scheduling integration to choose?

Using a scheduling app has many benefits such as:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Reduce No Shows
  • Increase Growth Potential
  • Save Time
  • Improve User Experience

But, the exact tool you use depends on your needs, budget, and the website platform you are using for your website. 

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