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July 9, 2021

Let’s talk about Webflow discount codes and how to use them in your eCommerce Webflow website. 

For this to work, you have to be hosting on Weblow and of course, be using their eCommerce plan. 

If you are new to Webflow go see our blog of what is Webflow, or if you know about the platform but just want to learn about the eCommerce itself, check our blog about Webflow Ecommerce.

The role of Discount Codes

Discount codes are a huge part of actual small businesses’ stores. This motivates clients to buy just because they have a discount offered to them as an incentive to make them follow through. 

It seems minimal but that's the #1 reason why Black Friday is so successful. It gives an incentive and the motivation that people need to buy whether that be with free shipping, a student discount, or any other promo code offered.

Obviously, you don't want to be on sale all the time because then you seem desperate. But, running a sale or offering a discount code once in a while or to exclusive members is a great motivator.

Webflow promo codes will really bump up the platform to become a competitive option against online eCommerce builders such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and even Square.

Now Webflow offers you a customizable shop with easy-to-use, easy-to-upload products, and easy-to-manage solutions. Our clients can now rest easy and be more open to picking Webflow.

Because you always want the best-looking and most functional website creation.

What are Webflow Discount Codes

The feature allows Webflow to be able to create discount codes for your store wide in your eCommerce panel.

Webflow Discount Code photo by Webflow

How the new discount code feature looks at checkout.

It lets you create your own codes and give a discount of %, a fixed amount, or free shipping. Like in the image above, I created a code "STAY INSIDE" that when used it gives you $10 off on your purchase.

Discount Type


There are 3 types of Webflow coupon types you can use: Percentage, Fixed amount, and Free Shipping. Depending on which you chose, the offered options change.

Valid dates


You can limit the date for which this code is valid or effective on the dashboard by adding a “Start on” date with time and an “Expires on” date with time. This will help you limit codes to a certain period of time. 

If you want to have a code that is indefinitely active, check the “Never expires” option.


When inputting a new discount code, you can set restrictions to control how many times or who uses the code.

You can select to apply the code to a product or category in the “Applies to” section in your dashboard. You can select a minimum order value which you can set to a minimum or no minimum which means that you can limit how much people have to spend on your store before getting a discount.

Additionally, you can put a limit to the number of times it can be used by changing the “Total usage limit” section. Or you can also limit how many times a user can use the code in the “Limit uses per customer” section.

Discount Status

You can control when the code is enabled or disabled in the “Discount status” section by changing the button. This allows you to be in control of when your codes are activated.


Most importantly, on your "Orders" page you can see when the code was used that way you can track how many times it was used and by whom (email).


With discount codes for Webflow, you can run promotions on your store or your clients' store. You just give out the code. You can run:

Seasonal promotions 

As we all know, this is when most stores make their money. In the US, specific times such as the Christmas holidays and summer are when people buy the most. Offering motivation to the already established need is great.

Flash sales 

Stores do this to get rid of old merchandise to make room for a new one. Obviously, you can create a fun sale to advertise the code.

Reward Loyalty 

If you have someone who has been a loyal customer either because they've been supporting you for a long time or because they've purchased a lot. You want to incentivize this person and make them feel good about supporting you. Show that you care by giving a $10 off code.

Coupon Giveaway

Giveaways are used by a lot of stores especially local shops. It's a way to build their audience and connect with them in a fun way. Giving out coupons as a price will really get lots of eyes on your store.

How to Use them!

All you have to do is use Weblow CMS for any discount or promotional code.

Step 1: Create a discount code


Step 2: Add the discount element to your checkout page


Step 3: Test the discount on your live page

Discount code Webflow eCommerce at checkout

Step 4: Promote your discount or webflow coupon code

Details you should know

The code is automatically applied to a Shopper's subtotal. It will not include shipping and taxes to that discounted price.

If the shopper enters an invalid code, the screen will show an error message.


Discount codes are great to use in your store to influence your customers into making the purchase. It serves as an incentive for customers or as a reward for being a good customer. 

I’ve shared all my ideas on how you can use discount codes in your Webflow eCommerce store. If you want to read more about the technical part of the discount codes, go check out Webflow’s blog here.

Thank you for reading, see you next time!

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