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Rank with Local SEO CT

Make your customers go to <span-golden>you<span-golden> and not to your competitors

Appearing on a local search will allow you to reach all the clients looking to do business near you. In this modern time, online marketing has become a must-have. Failing to capitalize on customer searches will make potential clients go to the store next door instead of your business

Prospect clients make their <span-golden-pitch-l>decision<span-golden-pitch-l> within a few clicks!

Most people are looking for places to consume from the comfort of their mobiles. This made digital marketing a must-have in order to be able to serve your potential clients' needs. Google has created a need to have a good local marketing strategy. Since it allows the use of location, directions, maps, and more, it has defeated social media when it comes to serving clients and businesses at the same time.

Is this You?

Do you have a Connecticut Small Business and are looking to improve your local online rank? Then let us tell you how we will make that happen for you! Local search engine optimization is the key to starting being an authority on local CT searches. Right now the brands getting ahead on Connectical all have good CT SEO, this allows them to have a strong advantage over most businesses. Improve your marketing strategy ASAP and your local Connecticut Business will thank you for it.

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How these Services will help you!

Strong worded Descriptions

Your description matter since they are what let search engines understand your business is what is going to help your potential customers. The right keywords can do wonders for your local online presence.

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Get the Right Questions and Right Answers

There are questions that your customers frequently ask. You will benefit from answering those questions as best as possible for your customers. This also helps search engines understand your business.

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Post the Right Content

The content and the intervals of said content matter to search engines, especially to Google. Understanding what to post and when to post it will get more eyes on your Google Business Profile and will therefore help you rank higher locally.

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The Services that you are Looking for!

Local SEO Services Campaign

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Local SEO is all about getting in front of all potential customers in your city or even the whole State of Connecticut. It will give you the necessary local competitive edge. It focuses on optimizing your Google My Business profile and link building within your community.

Local SEO Audit

Local Business next to a magnifying glass auditing a checklist

Find out what issues your brand has in a local setting and why your CT business locally ranks as it is right now. Local search rank is not random, it has guidelines to follow and different values of signals your brand needs. Find out what you need to improve to have a better local rank.

Google My Business Optimization

Google My business profile with GMB Logo, Checklists and optimization illustration

Your Google Business Profile is the best tool you have to improve your local CT rank. When optimized correctly it will help you get to the top of the Map pack, beating organic SEO in local terms. The optimization process is about having the right information, the right description, the right outer signals

Let BEE HEXA guide you there
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Our Promise to you!

We are a full-service company with different certifications. At our core, we are a marketing company, but we see the whole process as 1 big task. This means that you can expect to have professionals that understand the relationship between your brand, web design, SEO and overall marketing needs better than just a regular SEO agency. You can expect the best quality Local SEO service CT business can count on. SEO is vital for any business, if you want to get found then we at Bee Hexa Branding can help you out.