Is SEO dead?

Published on:
July 5, 2021

This is a question that pop-ups a lot in the world of digital marketing. The reality is that is not! A complete loud resounding NO! SEO keeps changing throughout the years, forcing innovation and reinvention of the needed techniques in order to keep up. 

Let’s discuss why it may seem that way and the reason why is not!

Organic search results are still the preferred methods that potentials customers choose before committing to buy a product or use a service.

Think about it, you probably found this blog by searching on Google. You probably went out this weekend to a place that you checked out online before committing to go. 

We use our mobile constantly, which makes organic search a valid asset for content marketing. We are always in the search of quality content, whether it is for entertainment or education. Informed decisions will let you utilize the right optimization and the right keywords to maximize your click-through rate.

Your Google rankings are still very dependent on good technical SEO and a “customer first” mentality, it just got a little complex. It is fair to think that it might be dead when it is not working for first-hand experience, but some research will surely change your opinion fast. 

What is going on with SEO?

The issue is no SEO itself, but the search engine algorithm updates.  Most people use Google search, and google does like its periodical algorithmic changes. 

The are many other browsers but they still are not a match to Google when it comes to users. Bing is the next competitor. See how they match up in this article.

Search engine optimization needs to be ever-evolving to not fall into exploitation and abuse by basically creating a step-by-step “how-to” checklist that everyone will use. 

Google innovation

Google is also shaping how results are served to people. Most of the time you search for something you might notice that the first results are a map, that’s local SEO, an extension of Google my business (which is constantly evolving too, see latest GMB updates), and also Google maps. 

Another example is Google testing voice search results, which means that maybe that will be the future of how people search.

Successful Businesses know how important it is

You also have to understand that the more time SEO is implemented, the more people will use it, which will mean that this aspect had become extremely competitive. 

Successful companies all use search engine optimization, the return on investment is too great to ignore. Businesses also use it hand by hand with Google Ads. 

This is why sometimes when you search for a term you see a whole list of google ads before seeing the organic part. 

It is easier to pay to play than to optimize and wait. Still doesn’t mean that is dead, it just takes more knowledge and effort to rank.

It Benefits Google

You should keep in mind that Google and other search engines benefit from actually showing people what they are looking for. It is in their best interest to search queries be as precise as possible.

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